Three Things You Should Know Before Investing In A Garden Tractor

When it comes to garden tractors, here is what every homeowner needs to know. 

Specifically, making the decision to purchase a garden tractor, a homeowner needs to decide if the size of his yard and other factors justify owning a lawn tractor. If the garden tractor is going to be used for purposes other than mowing, the homeowner needs to consider whether additional attachments and temperaments might be needed. Finally, as with any piece of machinery, the garden tractor will only be reliable if well maintained.

Take a moment to read this guide in order to learn whether or not purchasing a garden tractor will be a wise decision for you.

Deciding To Invest In A Garden Tractor

For most homeowners, the purchase of a tractor mower turns out to be an expensive impulse buy. Had the homeowner taken a moment to assess his needs, he might have decided that he did not need a garden tractor (or that he needed a bigger or different model).

If you are contemplating purchasing a garden tractor you should weigh some or all of the following factors in determining whether a garden tractor would be a wise investment for you.

Consider the size of your yard, the number of obstacles (such as garden buildings, patios, trees, fountains, etc.), as well as the type of terrain.

Will you be bagging or mulching your yard?Will you be using lawn aerators?

Do you really have the space to properly store your garden tractor and all necessary garden tractor attachments and implements?

What uses will you have for your garden tractor other than mowing?

Once you know whether or not you even a garden tractor, you can decide whether or not you need any additional attachments or equipment.

Attachments And Implements For Your Garden Tractor

Many tractor owners fail to anticipate the additional equipment that might be needed for jobs other than mowing.

With the right garden tractor implements and attachments, the lawn tractor can be used for a variety of tasks throughout each season. For instance, in winter, the tractor mower may be fitted with snow blowers throwers and blades to assist in removing snow and slush. During spring and summer, the tractor may be fitted with cultivators, tillers and harrows, all of which are useful for planning and plowing gardens.

Finally and fall, the addition of a lawn sweeper, vacuum bag or cart is certainly a useful addition to removing, hauling and disposing of leaves and debris.

But it does not stop there. In order to make full use of the garden tractor and attachments, the homeowner needs to commit to routine maintenance on his new purchase.

Maintaining Your Garden Tractor

Most new tractor mower owners have no idea what needs to be done to keep their new purchase running and in good condition.

Some areas of routine maintenance include checking, tightening and changing belts as needed. In addition, you need to add grease to bearings, axles and steering linkages. Also, clean and replace filters and plugs as necessary.

…..and for God sakes, change the engine oil on a regular basis.

Once you know more about how to maintain your lawn tractor, you will have a safe and reliable piece of equipment that will give you many years of dependable service.

Selecting Your Garden Tractor Wisely

And that should do it about owning and maintaining a garden tractor.

If most homeowners would use a little forethought, they would make better decisions such as whether or not to purchase a garden tractor in the first place. In addition, they will consider what implements intact attachments might be needed to increase the utility of the tractor. Finally, evaluate the difficulty and frequency of routine maintenance on the lawn tractor.

So, if you are thinking about adding a garden tractor to to spruce up your garden décor, now you have the information you need to make an intelligent, informed an economical choice.

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kelsorogers profile image

kelsorogers 7 years ago

Amazon has your children for sale, didn't you know? Although, I have a feeling that if you bought a tractor mower from Amazon it probably comes on a pallet and you get the pleasure of putting it together. Good hub!

TnFlash profile image

TnFlash 7 years ago from Tampa, Florida

Good Information! I wish I had thought about all of this before I bought my garden tractor.

Tractor 7 years ago

Just get a John Deere, that's all you need to know

Wonderbaum profile image

Wonderbaum 7 years ago from Europe

Hi Sleeper,

Super hub you have created! Feel free to swing by my hub on Garden Blower Vacs at and let me know what you think.

BTW, do you have websites in this niche as well or are you only doing hubs?


sleeperno1 profile image

sleeperno1 7 years ago from Carson City, Nevada Author


Just hubs on this one. How bout you?

Thanks for the comment.


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