Garden Water Features

Garden Water Features

Water gardens, water fountains for birds, water fountains, ponds, mini waterfalls... All these elements are in vogue when it comes to landscaping and will add a very special touch to your garden.

The expert confirmed that the majority of people with gardens are choosing to incorporate decorative elements based on the fact that water make the whole garden environment much more pleasant and relaxing. The tastes of each one is going to determine if the choice goes to a fountain, a small fountain, a statue or a lake. Any decorative element that includes water, will not only be pleasing to the eye but also to the ear. The sound produced by water is one of the sounds of nature that most quieter humans.

Here are a few tips for anyone thinking of complement the garden with a decorative element that includes water.

The key to keep everything in harmony is the location of the decorative element. You have to make sure that you will put it in your garden on a site that allows taking advantage of all that the element has to offer.

Always make sure you have all the necessary permits to build or install the item you want in your garden. In some areas, you need a special permit to build a small pond or fountain.

It is also very import to choose between an element in which water is stopped or where there is a water circuit. Check which is most suitable for your garden. The elements of still water are generally cheaper and easier to install, are more appropriate if you want to incorporate plants or animals,  and have that visual effect of mirror. The circuit elements of water are easier to maintain, use less water and produce the harmonious sound of water flowing.

The maintenance of a water-based decorative element is very important. While a small water fountain for birds can be kept free of algae and mosquitoes with a few drops of a suitable algaecide, a lake or water source will require more. Fortunately, products like water pumps and filters have been falling in price and increase quality in the last decade. This means that owners can choose quality products to its facilities and substantially reduce maintenance costs.

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