How To Get Rid of Fruit Flies.

Say "Bye" To Fruit Flies.

Greetings folks and so glad to be here again. Well and at least in MY kithchen, I am plagued by pesky fruit flies every year that seem to come out of nowhere. Maybe you have the same nuisance and by and large, they are just that: a nuisance.

As far as I know, they aren't harmful in any way but my kids think they're gross, etc. and wanted me to do something to try and get rid of them. So, here's a couple of suggestions that I hope work for you:

1. Try a fly swatter: These little flies are quick to move and seem to know when you're going to swat them. However, this will work to some extent but is a pain for me because I never really know if I get them or not.

2. Keep some food lying around on a plate or dish: What I do is to keep something lying out in a bowl that is half-covered with plastic wrap. The flies will settle on the nourishment and you just carefully finish covering the bowl with the plastic wrap. Then you can bring it outside, undo the plastic, and the flies will take off.

Now for the method that works best for me:

3. Use soap suds: I love this method and find it works great. When you go to do the dishes in the sink, make sure it has a lot of suds floating on the top. Then, grab a handful of suds and hover over the fly. You then quickly kind of "swat" the fly with the suds and bingo, they get caught in the bubbles.

Heh -- I use the bubble method a lot and virtually gets rid of them all. They get caught in the bubbles and can't get out. Fruit flies move quick and when you go to smother them, they will usually get surrounded by the bubbles and have no way to escape.

So, I need a life but just thought I'd share this with you all. Hope you have some fun reading this and let me know if this hub might help. As mentioned, fruit flies seem to come out of nowhere this time of year and I've wakened up to hundreds of them that settled overnight on something that was inadvertently left out. So, I bring out the suds and away they go.

Thanks for reading and in my next hub I'll try to write about something that has a tad more meaning and purpose in life. *s

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LULU SUE1987 profile image

LULU SUE1987 5 years ago

The soap suds method sounds good. I use a method where you put some fruit juice in a glass and then make a paper funnel and put that in. The flies go in and cannot get out. That works too.

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