Gravel Garden Ideas

Gravel Garden Ideas

The gravel is finally being recognized for its beauty, easy maintenance and durability.

Many gardeners are focused only on the basis of gravel and not in form. Only use gravel as a backdrop for your flower beds or as slender floor for garden paths. The gravel has been, over time, used as a secondary element to the simple function of improving the appearance of flowers and garden plants.

Today the gravel has raised a few supporters who appreciate it for its variety, versatility and treat it as the main actor on stage that is your garden. Its popularity is related to the fact that the gravel has become much more accessible and more varied in color, size and shape. The only limit when trying to choose the gravel for the garden is the size of your budget.

Of course with the use of gravel, lost cultivable area in the garden, but this disadvantage may well be ignored if we think in time we could save on garden maintenance.

The rock may seem an inert element, but is constantly changing over the years. Most start as liquid magma at great depth. And all kinds of stone earn their colors through its contact with the forces of nature: fire, wind, water and sun. When it reaches the point where it becomes gravel, stone has been rounded by erosion of the rivers and oceans, and crushed and cut in quarries around the world. The removal of gravel quarries can be a bit awkward but as pavement over time, the pieces will fit in each other making the surface more flat and smooth.

Types of gravel that we have access today include granite, limestone, crystals in different shapes, colors and sizes. Many times before we could be ourselves to define the exact size and shape we want for our garden.

Besides all the advantages already mentioned, the gravel also has the ability to create a heat reflecting surface which provides a much more welcoming environment in your garden. As this is a very supple and flexible material, the gravel can be placed any way you want in your garden. Can draw any design so that your imagination can invent. If properly used, the gravel requires very little maintenance and no need new layers of gravel over the years. The cost level, just imagine the money you will save on fertilizer and irrigation.

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