Guest Room Decorating Ideas

Guest Room Decorating Ideas

It is normal when the children grow up and leave home their rooms take other purposes. This brings a huge range of possibilities. A sewing room? A home gym? Despite the possibilities, the normal choice is to transform the room into a guest room. You never know if the children will return home with suitcases in hand. But this does not imply that you can not diversify the room to accommodate more than one extra bed. Here are some tips to make your guest room into a space with several objectives.

If you want to keep options open, start with a sofa bed.

If you think a sofa bed is a synonym for a bad night's sleep, you're wrong. Some models are as comfortable as your own bed. If you are still not convinced, consider buying a "day bed", ie a large sofa with a bed and the back are the pillows.

2. Turn the space into a office.

The beauty of a home office does not need anything more than a good secretary and a few functional furnishings. With some creativity, it will not be difficult to keep your guest room and at the same time have a space to work on the computer. In addition, adding a few shelves for books can encourage to start a small home library.

3. If you already have a sofa, why not install a good system of audio and video and make your guest room into a home movie theater.

To keep the walls free of electronic equipment, consider purchasing a projector, mount it on the ceiling and projecting to one side of the room. With some careful placement of columns, you can create an ideal corner for film sessions at home.

4. If you do not need any of this, simply create your ideal guest room.

Sometimes it is enough to keep things simple and make your room a true extra guest room. If you have a vein for decoration, you will surely love to choose a room and furniture lost in the details of decorating your guest room. Imagine the pleasure that will bring guests to spend the night at your home.

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