Hanging Ceiling Lamps

Hanging Ceiling Lamps

The task of hanging a ceiling lamp is actually much easier than you might imagine. The electrical work involved is quite simple and fast.

If you're tired of your ceiling lamp or if you simply need to replace an old lamp that no longer works, then this article is for you.

In this project there are only two problems: if the ceiling is too high, then it is best to hire an expert to do the project. And when you remove the lamp, check that if there is a big mess of wires then it's also best to call an electrician.

Buy a New Lamp

Before you go buy your new ceiling lamp, take measurements of existing lamp base. If you buy a lamp smaller than the current one, then you might get a hole in the roof or electrical wires exposed.

Getting Started

If the lamp you are replacing is a chandelier, then you need somebody's help to support the weight and remove the lamp. Chandeliers can be heavy and you will certainly need a second pair of hands for this task.

Open the box of your new lamp, and read the manufacturer's instructions. Then check all the parts listed in the manual are present. Remember to always make the replacement of the lamp in the day because you will need to disconnect the electrical panel and is not advisable to perform this task by candlelight.

Switching Off the Electricity

In the fuse box, find the switch that turns off power to the room of your home where you will replace the lamp. If your table does not indicate what is the correct switch, it might be a good time to test and label all the switches to save you time in the future.

Put a ladder under the chandelier, put your safety goggles, a tool belt and climb up to the lamp. With your hands, remove any piece of plastic or glass that your old lamp may have. Also remove all the bulbs.

Use a voltage meter at the end of wires and, if accused voltage meter, check back if you have the power disconnected.

Remove the Old Lamp

Look at how the wires are connected on the lamp and memorize the colors. The new lamp will be connected using the same configuration.

Remove the screws holding the lamp to the ceiling and also loosen the wiring. If you can not loosen the wires, use a wire cutter and cut them.

Hanging the New Lamp

Make sure the holes to secure the lamp in the roof line with the existing ones. Most of the ceiling lamps are standard measures for setting and therefore should have no problems. The wiring of your new lamp should be about 2 cm of bare wire. If this is not confirmed, use your pliers for stripping the ends of the wires. Wrap and secure all wires following the same scheme as was used in the old lamp.

Fasten the new lamp to the ceiling using a screwdriver to tighten the screws. Install the lamp or lamps with rated power for your new lamp. Remember to use low energy light bulbs or LED bulbs.

Before attaching the dome of your new lamp, turn on the power and make sure everything is working properly.

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