Hob and Oven Problems

Hob and Oven Problems

Few domestic issues are more stressful than a broken appliance. Sometimes the repair is impossible, but sometimes the task of repairing the appliance is very simple and can be made by someone without much knowledge. In this article we will show the most common symptoms and if the repair can be made by you or a technician or whether it came time to buy a new appliance.

Oven and Hob

Problem: The gas hobs spark but not ignite.

It may be: The gas hobs maybe clogged and don't let the gas pass.

Solution: Clean the holes in the gas hobs with a pin or needle. Do not use a toothpick because the tip can break. Make sure the nozzles are not blocking the conduct of the stove where the gas is released. This problem can happen if the tips are accidentally crushed.

It can be: A spill of oil or food may be covering the drivers (the small cylinders next to the nozzle that releases the spark) that light up the nozzles.

Solution: To test, try to light the burner using a lighter or match. If the burner lights up, then just clear the pilots with a small brush. Use a mixture of hot water and soap.

Problem: The oven does not heat properly

It can be: If your oven is a gas oven, then it may be the pilot of the furnace that stopped working. The pilot is usually located at the bottom of the oven. Make sure the pilot is lit for more than three minutes without the gas turn on automatically. If this happens then you need a new driver for your oven.

Solution: Call a technician to replace the pilot. The technician should make the replacement and check the entire system looking for gas leaks.

It can be: If your oven is electric, then the thermostat may be broken or the switch that selects the operating mode of the oven. If the oven works only in certain modes of operation, or just some temperatures then one of these switches is broken.

Solution: Call a technician to change the switches.

Problem: The glass-ceramic plate is broken.

It can be: An accident with an iron pot, a knife, a bottle or jar can cause cracks in the heavy plate.

The glass-ceramic plates are not hard to replace. Purchase a new model, turn off the oven and plate form. Look for the screws that hold the board in place and unscrew them. Lift the old card and remove it from the sidelines. Install the new card in place.

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