Home Interior Lighting

The ceiling lighting, recessed and suspended

Ceiling lighting, suspended or recessed lighting environment for a specific task or place, whatever, the interior lighting creates atmosphere and makes a cozy room. A good interior lighting enables activity, enhances the color and gives a feeling of warmth and life. Lighting can fill a dark corner, raise a low ceiling, camouflage an angle, or brighten a dark room. We are always looking for balance, do not want too much light, or lack of it, in any area of ​​the house.

The interior lighting can also bring fun and fashion to a space. One of the keys to creating a comfortable and flexible space is its lightning. Use a mixture of lighting to delineate different areas. Choose lamps and light bulbs that characterize your decor.

Start with the ambient lighting, interior lighting generally, that only makes visible the division. The ambient light is the basic layer of interior lighting, lighting the walls, open areas and major pieces of furniture so you can ride through space with ease. The suspended interior lighting in the ceiling offers a broad diffused lighting and is required for the soft lighting in general. The ambient light can be direct, bouncing on the wall, or diffuse through a shadow to warm the quality light.

Suspended Interior Lighting

  • The suspended interior lights are ceiling-mounted lamps that light up and give a uniform brightness.
  • Small mini-chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, add brightness.

Recessed Interior Lighting

  • Recessed interior lighting is in the ceiling and has incorporated a reflective coating.

Interior Lighting Ceiling

  • Pending suspended from the ceiling. They come in different shapes and styles that can add another decorative element to the room.

Focal Interior Lighting

This type of light is used to read, work or play. The lighting for a task, focal, is a spotlight that illuminates a specific activity. Available in a wide range of styles, task lights provide direct lighting and great design and flexibility because you can often change their style and purpose of its light, with different shades or placements. Most divisions require focal interior lighting, efficient, next to the bed, as well as the corners of reading and work surfaces.

Focal illumination, also serves to draw attention to a certain object. It is used to set the mood, attract attention, or add shine. Use lighting to highlight focal within a picture, or display a collection. Place these lights on the shelves of a bookcase or a light table or a piece of art.

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