Home Interior Wall Decorations

Home Interior Wall Decorations

Decorate walls seems to be a major dilemma for some, but it doesn't need to be. Here are some quick and easy ways to decorate some of your walls, with a low budget!

The most common mistake people make when decorating their walls is to sprinkle the walls with random objects, just to fill the empty space.

Simple and inexpensive ideas to decorate the walls

Solution: Draw an imaginary rectangle on the main wall of the room, or division, you want to fill or decorate. Fill that rectangle with a group of related art objects such as portraits, plates, or clocks. This gives a stronger impact on the division then the random effect.

Try hanging elements of considerable scale to make the division appear larger. This does not mean you have to go running buying a bigger picture of hundreds or thousands of dollars! There are large and pretty cheap pieces, or a better idea, recycle parts that you already have, those are usually beautiful pieces and give a gorgeous and vintage look. You can hang, for example, a rug or a pretty quilt.

You can also choose to make a painting, a piece of treated wood, in which you can use your creativity and good taste.

Try to make a special framework or a special collection of wall painting in a frame wall with a background that fits well with the division. Make the picture bigger than the art that you are going to put, and fill with a darker version of color than the wall color. Paint a simple border and a background in neutral colors.

Consider using pencil to add detail and design to your walls. It's easy, relatively quick, and inexpensive. Select a simple design to draw around windows and doors, or add details to your frame around your art groups in the walls.

If you have dozens of pictures of different sizes and images, connect them, painting the frames all the same color. Black adds a touch of elegance to any style of interior decoration. White is very cool, and a bright color, can be found in a contemporary design decor.

Finally, use unconventional items as wall art. A piece of stem on top of a door, or a vintage old wood box, you can hang it as a small cabinet of curiosities. A simple wooden blocks can be attached to the wall as shelves or light fixtures. Use your imagination and decorate to your taste!

Decorating the walls does not have to be a difficult task, just use some of these simple and inexpensive ideas for decorating walls and start your own interior decor.

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