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Presto Pizzazz - best home pizza oven for the price.
Presto Pizzazz - best home pizza oven for the price. | Source

Good pizza cooked at home is not easy. My home pizza oven review will shown you the best home pizza ovens and how to find them. You and I will explore brands, features and costs involved but mainly I will focus on showing you what features deliver the best results for great pizza at home.

Home Pizza Ovens - What Makes Good Pizza?

Imagine for a minute, your idea of the perfect pizza cooked at home. My thoughts produce the image of a golden crust, crispy without being burned. The sauce warm all the way to the center and the meat, veggie layer steaming nicely. The cheese should be uniformly melted with just a few spots of golden brown crust starting to form.

To me knowing the end result I need, in order to achieve pizza bliss is the best place to begin when looking for the best home pizza oven.

There seems to be an endless variety of pizza ovens available so in order to weed out the competition and get to a good level of comparison we will need to look at the basic features.

Home Pizza Oven Review - Key Features

If we look at my idea of pizza bliss, I think you'll agree that even cooking is essential to achieving this goal. So, lets look at ways that pizza ovens can delivers this part of the dream.

Most home pizza ovens use electricity to cook with so they will have electric heating elements. We want top and bottom heating elements to provide proper heat in all locations. It would be ideal if the oven used temperature sensors along with automatic control of the elements to get the best performance from both. A convection fan to help evenly distribute the heat and speed up cooking time would be great also.

So, to recap the features that will help deliver our best pizza results...

  • Dual heating elements, one on top and one on bottom
  • Temperature sensors
  • Automatic control of elements using temperature sensor input
  • A convection fan

These are the main features needed to obtain the cooking end of pizza bliss. You'll have to come up with your own recipes.

Home Pizza Oven Review - Top Brands and Expected Costs

Pizza ovens vary greatly in price but just keep in mind that higher price does not always mean better results.

In the lower cost range the Presto Pizzazz will deliver great cooking results for a price that's around $40 to $45. It does a great job on pizza, you are limited to 12 inch or smaller pies. However, it doesn't perform well on other food items. It's just not made to do anything else. It has several of the needed features we identified but lacks temperature sensors. No big problem considering the price. You can get a good idea of how it works by watching the video on the product page at Amazon.com.

For more versatility at a more expensive price the Breville Smart Oven will deliver a nicely cooked pizza and perform well with other foods. It has all the features we talked about above and puts them in a professional looking package that you can feel good about setting on your counter top. Like most ovens you are limited to a 12 inch pie which works well for many situations. You can expect to pay from $175 to 225 for this oven which is in the upper cost range of ovens.

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Brian 5 years ago

Looks like a cool little product!

toknowinfo profile image

toknowinfo 5 years ago

Great hub. I love cooking gadgets and I found the presto pizza oven to be pretty good for pizza, as you said. It makes for great entertaining when my children's friends come over, and it does a good job in cooking the pizza evenly. Enjoyed your hub, rated up and useful.

Lola 21 months ago

You got to push it-this essnetial info that is!

Addrienne 21 months ago

It's always a pleasure to hear from someone with expietrse.

Delly 20 months ago

Thanks for being on point and on taterg!

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