Some excellent tips for home dusting

cloth duster!


When you set up your own home, dusting is the basic maintenance routine that you have to follow. I'd be lying if I say it's cathartic, fun and relaxing, but now I find dusting somewhat pleasurable.

I usually use two dust cloths- one damp and other dry. Socks and cotton gloves make great dust cloths. Just be sure to wash them after a couple of dustings. Dust from the top down. The dust will fall on the floor and you can sweep it later.

Here are some techniques to help you to dust more efficiently:

  • Dust books, cassettes and other such items with firm strokes.
  • Use a thin broom to sweep out crumbs and dust from under the appliances like refrigerator.
  • Tie a terry cloth to the end of the broom and sweep away the cobwebs.
  • Clean silk flowers by aiming a blowdryer set on low to make the dust fly off.
  • Use a soft clean make up brush to reach the corners and between the sill and the frame.
  • Brush lamp-shades with fluffy hand mop.
  • Use a fluffy duster or feather broom for chandeliers.
  • Everyweek use a damp cloth to clean up the place.

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