How to build a greenhouse

Today, many people are taking up gardening. Why gardening? Are you looking for greenhouse plans so that you can give your children a head start in the spring? Would you like to create a nice surrounding where you can keep your pot plants and hanging baskets during the winter? You can also help in producing your own organic vegetables? All of this can be attained in a greenhouse.

Just like as if you were building a home, if you want to build a controlled surrounding for your plants you'll need to begin with greenhouse plans. There is more to a greenhouse than piping and polypropylene and this needs to be taken into account in your greenhouse plans.

As you begin to plan your greenhouse you'll begin with the length of your estimate greenhouse area. This may well be defined by the available space and the amount of sunlight in your garden. Once you know the external measurements for your greenhouse, you can now decide on the tallness of the walls and the shape of the roof. Now that you have an idea of the design you can make up the component of your greenhouse plan.

Most of greenhouses are erected as free-standing buildings and will require a floor and a frame on which to the sides. Depending on its length, your greenhouse plans may contain a poured concrete foundation. You may also choose to add several courses of brickwork at the base of the walls. To ensure that the top row of brickwork is straight and flat to make bonding the walls easier and make them more strong. If your greenhouse has a timber frame the walls can be attached straight to the wood; this will be specified in the greenhouse plans.

Here are something to be considered when building an additional Greenhouse Features:

You may not wish to immediately include a watering system, ventilation or active heating, for a variety of reasons, however, your idea should include these features so that they may be installed later. It is usually easier and more cost effective to have some things included while the building is under construction. For instance, you may not want to have an irrigation system at the time of building but if you at least have the plumbing installed you will save a great deal of time and cost later on. Similarly, with heating, it is usually less costly to have the electrical wiring installed at construction period.

Always make sure that your greenhouse plans include a ceiling ventilation unit. There are units available that do not require electricity, and they can always be put later on, but again, you'll need to make sure that the design is construct in such a way that it is simple to add the unit later. In other words, make sure that all features are included in the greenhouse plans.

Another thing worth mentioning is a drip system to capture moisture that condenses on the inside of the walls. A drip system will give the water to accumulate in a trough near the floor where it can be used in a watering systems. This can also be put later on but should be mentioned on the greenhouse building plan.

It is worth commented when planning your greenhouse that location is very important. Make a research or observation were the sun is at the most significant position. The best location for your greenhouse is where it receives maximum sunlight. Morning sunlight is most desirable as it allows the plants' food production process to begin early in the day which will maximize growth. When looking at your greenhouse plans in connection to your garden do not overlook this important process.

If you have decided upon a greenhouser plan and considered these few suggestions, then it is time to look for the best plan. Please click here.

How to choose ahouse plan video

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britneydavidson 6 years ago from united kingdom

It is really a great idea for a greenhouse and taking care while decided for a greenhouse.

thanking you for the Aone suggestion.

John B. 5 years ago

Nice looking greenhouse plans there!!

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