How to Choose a Kitchen Island

How to Choose a Kitchen Island

A kitchen island can add value, space and style to your kitchen. Learn here how to find the perfect kitchen island for you.

Besides improving the look of the kitchen, an island will greatly increase the storage space. According to the definition, a kitchen island is a free workbench that usually arises in the center of the work triangle in your kitchen. At its peak, a kitchen island is a bench equipped with a sink, glass-ceramic plate, small appliances and even with dining area. At the bottom is all the storage space.

If you ever found yourself thinking that you need more space in your kitchen, then one island could be the perfect solution for you. Here are some tips to keep in mind when planning your kitchen island.

1 - Space and Logistics

While most kitchens benefit from additional storage space that an island provides, not all kitchens benefit. Install a small island in the kitchen which in itself is small will cause more problems than it had initially. If your kitchen is small, then consider a renewal of its cabinets and countertops.

2 - Functionality

An island can be humble or ambitious. Think about your needs.

You want more space to prepare food?

If you only need an extra bench, opt for a minimalist solution in stainless steel or wood. The space under the worktop can be used for storage or you can choose to incorporate one second dishwasher or a microwave oven.

You want to increase your storage space?

Opt for a solution of cabinets. Mix several modules, with a door, no door, with drawers, etc...

You want to create a social space for meals?

Opt for a large kitchen island. Some models have a bench split in two height levels to easily separate the food preparation area of ​​the dining area. This solution is great for when you have guests at home. You can socialize with your guests while preparing the meal.

3 - Style

Does your kitchen island has to be equal to your kitchen cabinets? Definitely not! Just think about finding something similar in style to the decor already in your kitchen. Your imagination is the limit. Sometimes you can even adopt a style of "old" versus "new" and choose a kitchen island with a completely different style of your cabinets.

4 - Choose the Bench

To Kitchen Islands for Storage

The benches of the islands are heavily used so always opt for durable with granites and marbles. The currants can also be a solution but its durability at high temperatures is not as great as the other stones.

Laminates can also be used. They are cheaper than natural stone but the durability is less.

For Movable kitchen islands

In these cases you buy a piece as a whole and it is not normal to have the chance to choose the countertop material. The wood pieces are very good but over time become worn and with nicks. Stainless steel does not require much maintenance, is durable and can be a very nice solution in modern kitchens.

5 - DIY vs. Professional Installation

If you're ready to invest in a kitchen island so it is advisable to first consult an interior designer who can advise on the details.

Free consultations are common in large houses of DIY. Choose one.

Your designer can also elucidate whether your project can be done by you or if you need a professional installation. If your kitchen island is going to have a sink or any appliance, then you will need a professional to do it.

DIY lovers should be limited to small projects only islands for storage and workbench. If your kitchen floor is not level, then call a professional. A kitchen island is a danger if not level.

Also keep in mind that installing a kitchen island, you will need to redesign the electrical system of the room.

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