How to Choose a Modern Sofa

How to Choose a Modern Sofa

A sofa is an important part of a house because it will be in it that you will pass much of the waking hours and is probably one of the most expensive pieces of furniture you will be purchasing. Think carefully before making a final decision on the purchase of your sofa and read the decorating tips that we present below.

Need a large sofa for the family or a sofa bed for guests? Will it block a door or radiator? Does it will allow you to move freely around the room? These are questions that should be seriously considered before choosing a sofa for your home. Measuring the space is critical and this includes verifying that the windows or doors are wide enough to allow the sofa to get inside the house first.

  • Modern Sofa - Space:

As with beds, when buying a modern sofa you should choose the largest possible for the space available, without compromising the appearance of the division. How many people have to accommodate? A large sofa holds three adults comfortably upright, but remember people like to be comfortable.

  • Modern Sofa - Shape:

The shape is very important. While the low modern sofas are perfect for rooms with low ceilings and can be a style statement, they may not offer the back support you need. Bigger modern sofas are more favorable, but can tighten the division. Corner or sectional sofas are a great advantage for awkward spaces. Look for models with different settings to find the perfect shape for your space.

  • Modern Sofa - The fillings:

The filling of the sofa will affect greatly the comfort and appearance. Foam filled sofas give a strong feeling and feather sofas have a more casual look.

  • Modern Sofa-bed:

This type of sofas are particularly useful if you need an extra bed or do not have room for another bed. But remember that you must have enough room to extend it.

  • Modern Leather Sofa:

The leather is tough and improves with age. Present great variety of colors, traditional, brown, cream and black. Make sure your sofa is at least 30 cm away from heat sources such as radiators.

  • Modern Sofas - The fabric:

Here the choices are endless and there are thousands of models, colors and textures. Choose carefully if you choose a sofa with a pattern, because eventually you get tired, so it is best to choose a classic pattern.

In short when deciding to buy a sofa, think about the most convenient form of the sofa, in the space that it will occupy and all its features like the fabric and filling. A sofa will be one of the pieces that you will use more often, and as such should fit the style of the interior decoration of the rest of the house.

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