How to Decorate a Bedroom

Learn How to Decorate a Bedroom

The decor of the bedroom is an expression of personal tastes and attitudes. The decor of your bedroom can make it functional, beautiful and a nice place to be.

Decorating a bedroom with care can create an area in your home, which stands out as being particularly pleasant, with a good use of space, color scheme used, among others.

We will reveal to you some tips that should have as essential when decorating a bedroom.

Decorating Ideas for Bedrooms

The bedroom is a division of the house where people can relax and it can be described as "our personal space". It is necessary that this kind of rooms don't be claustrophobic with many items in a confined space.

Colors and Tones in the Bedroom Decoration

Choosing the colors for the bedroom you need to take into account the people that go to sleep there. For a double bedroom, the colors should include shades of brown, gray and green. A bedroom for people with an effervescent enthusiasm for life, you can choose between orange, red and yellow. For younger people can choose pink, sky blue and shades of white.

Bedroom Furniture

The furniture in the bedroom also depends on the people who will occupy it. Adults, for example, prefer wood or maple furniture. This could translate into intricately designed beds, tables, desks, cupboards, wardrobes and so on. Younger people prefer plain furniture, colorful and comfortable. Above all, the furniture must be well spaced, so the bedroom will not be cramped and tight.

It is important that the beds have a good design and a comfortable mattress. When choosing a bed, it is advisable not to compromise the quality of comfort. Very sophisticated beds or beds of poor quality can lead to backaches and insomnia. You should opt for a bed design that offers comfort, quality and elegance. The mattress should ensure comfort for the column, it should not be too soft or too hard, opt for orthopedic mattresses. The accessories could include a bed side table, which would be great to put a book or other papers. A bedside table offers space for storing documents or for a phone. If you are a follower of the principles of Feng Shui, you should not put pictures of family on the bedside table, or elsewhere in the bedroom.

In any bedroom is essential to have a mirror, either for the routine aspects of beauty, and for matters connected with the clothing.

A nice cabinet or wardrobe in the bedroom, it is vital to be spacious and have lots of storage space. It can also include an interior mirror.

You should take into account the room lighting. It is important to have light in the center of the bedroom or near the bedside for reading purposes, or perhaps a combination of both.
Rooms for children could have a bunk and a study table. It is particularly important for children's bedrooms to have enough space for them to run and play. Televisions or telephones in the bedrooms are a personal preference. Paintings, photographs and other memorabilia can be cleverly used to personalize your bedroom.

Bedroom Decoration Tips

  • Bed: The bed size depends on the size of the division. A bed of standard size is about 1.05 meters wide and 1.95 meters in length. However there are beds larger or smaller, what is important is matching the person to the bed.
  • Mattress: Mattresses filled with coco or coir are ideal for people who prefer to sleep on hard mattresses. Foam mattresses are soft and comfortable. Foam rubber mattresses may make you cool in the hot summers. Sponge mattresses, polyester filled with latex can provide you many years of comfort when they have good quality springs.
  • Lighting: Ideally the lighting of a bedroom should be soft and soothing to the eye. Balanced lighting is ideal. Install lights at specific points in order to let light reflect on the wall, is a way to achieve a soft glow. Color also plays an important role. The red light may make you feel warm and sleepy. A soft light can induce a romantic atmosphere. If you will do some reading while a person sleeps beside you, recourse to sources of light located beams.
  • Noise levels inside a room should be as small as possible compared with the rest of the house. The aim is a relaxing and non-irritating space.
  • Make sure the room is well ventilated and fragrant. Have some plants or dried flower arrangements, to give a warm and cool air. Keep the humidity-controlled in the room, if necessary use of a dehumidifier.

Follow these basic tips for decorating bedrooms, and get the comfort and rest you need so badly!

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