How to Decorate a Large Living Room

How to Decorate a Large Living Room

Feel comfortable with these 10 ways to make an interior space look more "hot".

Many modern homes have large rooms with vaulted ceilings and vast areas of space. Designed for the lifestyle of today's, interior spaces have often become so large that they become uncomfortable. Although everyone likes to have plenty of room at home, this has to be well decorated to make it more welcoming.

10 ideas to make the interior of your home more welcoming

  • Divide a large space into several smaller spaces, with the help of furniture sets. Make a living area in front of the fireplace with two comfortable chairs. In another corner of the room, place the television and a couch, creating a good space for entertaining. Then, create a third interior space near a window where you can include an armchair and an ottoman to enjoy reading a good book.
  • In harmony with the placement of furniture, rugs use to separate different areas of the room, for example between the living room and dining room. Raise the floor in one corner and lay there with shelving books, creating a reading nook.

  • Like the floor, the ceiling is also very important in interior decorating, to make the spaces more "hot". Vary the ceiling height is a solution to create a visual distinction of space. The use of frames also makes the space more welcoming, giving the impression that the ceiling is not as high as it actually is.
  • Dark colors on the walls make the space look smaller. Use deep, warm tones that make you feel good, but always have in mind the dimension of space. You can even paint the ceiling in a different color of the walls. If you prefer wallpaper, choose a pattern with a wide and deep and warm colors.
  • Decorate the room with large parts, including high shelves, large sofas and chairs covered in velvet, tapestries and other heavy fabrics. Use dark woods and avoid tall pieces on glass tables, since they give the illusion of space.

  • If you have a couple of shelves, place them back at each other and use them as a room divider. Attach them along the back for maximum stability.
  • Avoid decorating with mirrors. If you have a mirror in the room, hang it so it does not reflect light from a window or other light sources. Instead, try to position it so that it reflects a favorite work of art. You will enjoy the reflection, and it will not increase the room space.
  • Install one or more window seats, which act as nooks and make a big space cozy.
  • You should also fill the space with various accessories and decorative plants. Use small trees placed in pots to minimize the height of space that is very high.
  • You may create a division between two parts of a space using columns or arches to create a passage from one room to another. When installing a "false" front door that is wide open and you will break the large size of the room in pieces of manageable size.

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PiaC profile image

PiaC 5 years ago from Oakland, CA

Excellent advice! For those who have trouble visualizing each of these techniques (Like me) some more photos would be very helpful. I'd love to see the division of room that you've suggested in picture form if possible.

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