How to do the Laundry

How to do the Laundry

The first major problem with laundry is to find time to do it. When is the best time to do it? Tuesday late afternoon or Sunday afternoon? After dinner or in the afternoon?

Then we have the problem of finding and gathering all the dirty laundry, which usually is spread everywhere.

Problem: I do not have enough free time to wash all my clothes at once.

Divide the process into smaller and faster tasks that you can do in several hours a day. You can for example gather all the dirty laundry when you get home late in the day, separate by colors and types of clothes after dinner and put everything on the machine before bedtime. Experts say that most of the clothes in the machine can stay overnight. Took the opportunity to put the clothes in the dryer or to extend in the morning when you wake up.

Problem: I have a very large family and I lost my weekend to wash clothes.

Solution: Create a calendar that divides the tasks throughout the week. Sheets on Monday, Tuesday in dark clothing, light clothing on Friday. Or divide the clothes of each family member and wash them in the different days of the week. After this schedule is established, members of the family will begin to help in tasks and you will lose much less time to gather and sort the clothes for each wash.

Problem: The load of the laundry basket is finishing with my back.

Solution: A load of laundry weighs between 60-10 pounds, and many baskets of laundry take 2 or 3 loads. If you have to carry clothes to the house could be extended, I suggest you start using bags of clothes instead of the basket. These bags are easier to carry and, if the bag is too heavy, you can always roll it in the ground. If you still prefer the laundry basket, then opt for a flexible model and hold it with both hands at waist height. This position will minimize the strain on your back.

Problem: I want my son to help in the laundry, this is the same as talking to a wall.

Solution: This is a complicated problem and no single solution. It is your responsibility to educate your child the best way to try different approaches to capture their attention. If your child is still in kindergarten, try creating a game that encourages him to take his clothes scattered throughout the house and then help in separating by colors. For older children, try placing a small list of tasks near the laundry basket. For example:

  • Turn your clothes inside out before putting it in the basket.
  • Do not leave rolled up socks.
  • Do not forget to check the pants pockets.

For adolescent children, a sense of humor is always a good tool. Can I give the example of my son one day after he left for school, I went into his room and saw a mountain of dirty clothes on the floor. I grabbed a pen and paper and left a sheet on top of the stack saying "Test 1: Artifacts from a teenage boy of sec. XXI, which apparently suffered from amnesia!" When he came home, he smiled and a minute later the pile of clothes and put in the basket.

Problem: Whenever I put the clothes in the machine, I notice a spot of ketchup or pen ink.

Solution: Always leave a stain remover spray near the laundry basket. Ask family members to apply the stain remover on all parts requiring before placing them in the basket. Delegate this task will save much time in the future.

Problem: My washing machine takes forever to wash.

Solution: Try using shorter wash cycles. The smallest cycle of about 8 minutes is very good for clothes that have only been used once or twice and have not stain.

Problem: My dryer takes forever.

Solution: Try to gather clothes for various loads in the dryer. After the first load, the machine has warmed and the following loads will dry much faster. Try to start with lighter clothes and end up with heavier clothing such as towels.

Problem: I am not very finicky about the clothes of my children and so the color-separation seems like a waste of time.

Solution: Wash all clothing in cold water. Not to have surprises, avoid any clothing that can dye and white clothes that need bleach. You should have no problems with the rest of your clothes and will save much time not doing the separation.

Problem: Folding clothes is an uncomfortable task.

Solution: Quite frankly, the best position for the folding of clothes is lying on the couch and look at someone else to do so. But if this is not an option for you then there are some adjustments you can do to make this task less stressful. Try to fold your clothes in a large, flat table that is more or less at your waist. If working on a lower surface, you have to download and often work from a greater height will have to raise your arms many times. If you usually have problems with your back, put a thick carpet on the floor. A soft surface will lighten your legs and improve blood circulation.

Problem: I lose a lot of time to fold t-shirts that will end up crumpled in the drawer.

Solution: When you fold the laundry, always take into account the site where'll save them. If your drawers are deep, fold the t-shirts into rectangles to take advantage of it. Otherwise, fold them into squares so that they are not wrinkled when ready.

Problem: I just hate folding clothes.

Solution: Hang all the clothes you get. It is true that it will take some time to hang all clothing but a lot of people that uses this technique states that the process becomes less stressful.

You can also choose not to bend some of the clothes. For example, t-shirts and jeans can be just rolled. Work clothes and exercise need not be folded. The t-shirts and sweatshirts for children because they are so small they can often only be placed in the drawer without being folded.

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