How To Keep Pests Out of Your Garden

Garden Pests - From Bears to Deer to Groundhogs to Slugs to Aphids

In 30 years of gardening, I've met them all - the big, bad and ugly of garden pests - and fought to keep them out of my garden, fruit trees and roses. Sometimes I win, sometimes they have a yummy snack. Bears have eaten our plums and broken branches. Deer have eaten flowers, lettuce, ocra and even the tomato plants. Groundhogs love greens and so do slugs. Aphids appear overnight to devour the young green babies we are starting in the spring.

What to do with all these problems? The answers are many, and need not be dangerous to health - yours or the bears. Slugs and aphids, well, I am not as concerned with their health.

Photo by nazka2002 can be found here.. The rest of the pictures were taken by my husband.

Deter the Big Guys - Bears, Deer and Groundhogs

Use an Electric Fence and be Careful with Odours

When I started gardening I never would have thought that deer see tulips as a lovely candy-like snack. It is heartbreaking to come out one morning after seeing scores of tulips ready to flower the next day and finding a forest of stalks.

Bear, deer and groundhogs are attracted largely by smell. It is really difficult to eliminate smells, especially if you grow fruit, as we do. If the wonderful aroma of pears, apples, cherries and plums attract you, they will certainly attract the much more sensitive nose of an animal.

You can both minimize the odours and make this work for you.

Make sure not to compost anything sweet or anything with animal fat or other oils on it. These are very enticing to animals. Also pick fruit as soon as it is ripe, and certainly do not leave any lying on the ground. As it decays it gets sweater and attracts animals even faster.

You can use smell to your advantage by placing containers with bleach around your tasty treats. Make sure they have covers and poke a few holes in the top. That way if they get kicked over not all the bleach will spill and the odour will waft up and around.

An electric fence is a great deterrent, if you are in area where this is possible. Put three wires on it - at 6 inches for the groundhogs, three feet for bears and shoulder high for the deer. In the spring if you put tinfoil with peanut butter on it twisted on the wires, the animals will take a taste, get a shock and stay away for the season. Do not worry, you won't kill them. You can put your hand on an electric fence yourself without harm. It doesn't feel good but it is not damaging.

Solar Powered Electric Fence

This is just a great option. We had an electric fence for our market garden and found that it worked just great. It completely stopped the bears, deer and groundhogs from eating all of our carefully planted produce. The one hurdle was always the long electric cord to get from our building out to the field.

The best answer to that was a solar powered electric fence charger. Once we switched we never looked back. Its really easy to use following the easy instructions. You need to also get the insulators (clips to connect the wire to the fence) and the actual fence wire. The clips and wire you can get at any co-op but they don't always have solar powered fence chargers - most carry the standard electric ones though.

Deer Coming Into the Garden

Deer love fresh fruit. So don't leave the fruit (or put the fruit) on the ground. Limit deer invasion by picking up all fruit promptly.

Deer Repellent

Use SMells and Visuals They Hate

Deer are very skittish creatures. They are always on the look for anything that might be dangerous to them. You can use various tricks based on this fact to your advantage in your garden:

1. Waving ribbons - tie ribbons or yarn to wires or fence posts. The movement makes them uneasy and they will move on to a more tranquil place.

2. Create visual dead ends - Deer always want an exit strategy. So growing your vegetables along the house with a barrier at the end will create what looks to them like a dead end and they will avoid it. They also don't like narrow tunnels for the same reason.

3. Moving garden ornaments - Lanterns, flags, or even old CDs on string all provide movement that deer do not like. The shine of the CDs will also deter birds

Deer also rely on their sense of smell to detect predators and they are herbivores. That means that they do not like to be around some smells:

1. Egg - Mix an egg in a litre of water ans spray around - the deer don't like the protein smell

2. Lavender - the smell is too strong so they can't smell other things coming

3. Bounce fabric softener sheets - ditto and they also wave in the wind

What to Do About Birds

Get Rid of Birds and Some Animals with Water

Birds can be a huge problem if you are growing cherries or carrots. They love cherries and seem to find them most delectable the day before you think they are just right. I have seen many types of birds flying off with beautiful sweet cherries and sour cherries that I wanted to put into pies. Putting cat (four legged) stuffed toys hanging from the branches of your cherry trees may seem odd, but does keep quite a few birds away.

They also just love carrot seed. I think it is the smell, again. You can get around this by putting a board on your seed when you plant it and leaving it there for a week to 10 days. An old gardening neighbour used to do this and I asked why he had boards all over his garden. It was a trick he had learned from his father. Worked for us to.

Birds, cats, and other rodents don't like to be startled - or suddenly get wet. We used water to scare off many four legged and winged pests from our market garden. Just take a nice afternoon in the hammock with a good book and the garden hose. A quick spritz and you can slowly train them that your yard is not a great place to be.

An Automatic Water Deterrent - This is On My Wish List

I first saw this gizmo at work last fall in a friends yard. He says he wouldn't garden without it. At that point it was protecting tomatoes - he was hoping they would actually ripen on the vine - no such luck with out cool year last year. He swears by this tool though. He turns it on when his lettuce starts to come up in the spring and leaves it in place all season. The motion sensor senses the birds and other pests when they arrive and they get a good squirt.

Shocked pests by no damage to anything or anyone. I wonder if the fact that it looks like a big bird head helps?


Creepy, Crawly, Slimy Pests

Use Organic Methods to Rid Your Garden of Bugs

The smallest pests of the garden can also cause the most damage by nibbling all your plants and weakening them. Here are some suggestions:

1. Dish Soap - Mix a tablespoon in a litre of water and spray frequently - deters aphids, white fly. Mix in some cayenne for more power

2. Yellow stickies - yellow paper with glue/honey/tanglefoot on it - aphids, flea beetle are attracted and stay stuck to it

3/ Diotomaceous earth - crushed up crustaceans - deter slugs, snails, sow bug, earwigs, other crawlies.

These types of deterrents need replenishing but they are not harmful to pets or people.

Diotomeceous Earth for Bugs - Safe for Pets

Diotomaeceous earth is made from the crushed bodies of crustaceans. It is perfectly safe to eat, in fact it is freqently given to dogs and horses to get rid of internal parasites. Be very carfuyl not to breath it though - as is true with all very fine dust.

We use this in the garden to keep away slugs (which can be 6 to 8 inches lon gin BC !!!), snails, sow bugs, ear wigs, etc. The creeping, crawling gang are all affected by this stuff. It either cuts thei bellies or gets into the creases intheir shells and kills them We put it around hostas, veggies, and anything else that suddenly becomes very attractive to bugs. You have to reapply every so often after a lot of rain.

Wire Worms

Wire worms are the culprits that bore holes into potatoes carrots and other root vegetables. They live in the soil and feed off your veggies.

Getting rid of them can only be done by starting early in the year. Turn over your soil every other week starting as soon as you can work your soil. The birds love them and will eat as many as they can find.

Later in the year you can reduce them by burying a can or yogurt container in the soil up to the rim with a cut potato in it. Make sure there are holes in the bottom and sides of the container. You will need to change the potato fairly often..

Ducks Like bugs.

Ducks Like bugs.
Ducks Like bugs.

Using Neem Oil for Pests

One of the best organic products for handling bugs is neem oil. I have used it freqeuntly if my preventative measures are not working out. I have also added it to my soap and water spray and find that works great as a preventative. This video also shows you how to look for problems.

Beneficial Insects

The creepy crawlies in your garden actually have built in enemies within the bug world. You can encourage beneficial bugs to come into your garden or you can pruchase them. I have found that buying ladybugs and releasing them in the greenhouse and the garden takes care of a lot of aphid problems. Be careful when you buy them - you want the ones native to your area. Ladybugs imported from other countries can become pests themselves.

Remember to mist the foliage around them when you let them loose from the bag they come in. This will encourage them and also give them a little reviving drink. It is also best to let them loose in a shady spot. When you get them they have been hibernating so let them wakt up at their leisure.

Beneficial insects include ladybugs, parasitic wasps and lacewings. You can order them from your local garden centre.

How to Use Lady Bugs in Your Garden

This video shows you how to release your ladybugs so that they are happy in their new home. It also covers what to grow in order to attract beneficial adult bugs to your garden. The video notes that you can buy the seed from Johnney Seed, but in Canada you can also buy organic heirloom seeds at Eternal Seed.

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mizrae 4 years ago

I had a problem with those tiny fire ants....I sprinkled cinnamon in my flower bed, and around all the entry ways to the house. It worked!

gatornic15 profile image

gatornic15 4 years ago

I would love to know how to get rid of the filthy pigeons that keep hanging around my yard.

randomthings lm profile image

randomthings lm 4 years ago

I don't have any tips...after reading your lens I realize there is much I have to learn. Thanks!

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TreasuresBrenda 4 years ago from Canada

No pest tips here...but if I needed some, I'd find them here.

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artbyrodriguez 4 years ago from Albany New York

Great tips here and good subject.

oxfordian profile image

oxfordian 4 years ago

These are terrific suggestions. I really needed it! Thank you (and here's a squid-blessing for you too!)

sarabella123 4 years ago

Never had a deer come into my garden before.. but great lense anyway.

sarabella123 4 years ago

Never had a deer come into my garden before.. but great lense anyway.

anonymous 4 years ago

I heard last fall that you can use coffee grounds around plants to fight off slugs, I guess they absorb the caffein and die from it. One thing I learned is not to put a bird feeder in a tree above plants because it will attract bear, dear and raccoons to trample your garden. Its best to bring any feeders in at night to not have them destroyed but bear and deer will also find them in the day time as well. Congratulations on front page honors and your purple star here and happy gardening!

anonymous 4 years ago

What a great detailed article. I'll definitely try some of your tips to keep our garden and fruit trees from being consumed by pests. I'm not as experienced as you so I don't have any tips to add except this one. We had huge ant nests around our blueberry bushes and we were able to get rid of them by sprinkling a mixture of borax and confectioner's sugar around the ground where the ant holes were. It worked well. The trick is to not use too much borax. You don't want the ants to die eating it right away, but want them to carry it back to the nest. The proportion we used was 1 tablespoon borax to 1/4 cup sugar.

writerkath profile image

writerkath 4 years ago

Terrific ideas! You have given us some good tips we'll be using this summer. I love the diotomaceous earth tip - you won me over the second I saw "earwigs." Eeewwww! Gives me the shudders just to think of them!

For us, the bear are some of our biggest (literally!) problems. Can't seem to keep them away from the apples. But, we'll give the bleach pots a try this year. One of our neighbors uses rags soaked in (grosses me out to even say this) urine - and hangs them around her trees. I am not sure how effective it is, but it gags me to think of it. But who knows? :) Anyway, great lens! *Blessed!* :) Kath

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Fcuk Hub 4 years ago

I think these tips here are good enough. Great lens :)

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Elyn MacInnis 4 years ago from Shanghai, China

You have a lot of information here I didn't know - that is useful! Thanks!

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sociopath-free 4 years ago

After weeds, critters are the biggest gardening problem. Thanks for this!

Mickie Gee profile image

Mickie Gee 4 years ago

None. When I lived in Colorado I tried everything to keep the deer away and nothing seemed to work. I gave up when I hung Irish Spring soap bars in the garden and found teeth marks on a half eaten bar the next morning.

RachelDillin profile image

RachelDillin 4 years ago

I do not, but I needed these. I have something eating my plants :(

terisham 4 years ago

I don't have any tips, but was wondering if you have any ideas about how to get rid of moles? I am afraid to plant the bulbs I bought for fear of them getting eaten.

barrysummers 4 years ago

@terisham: Put in mines throughout your garden?

anonymous 4 years ago

Coyote pee.

Amystuwart 4 years ago

nice lens, I have a big hippo in my garden ...

KimGiancaterino profile image

KimGiancaterino 4 years ago

The pests are definitely winning the war in our backyard. We don't mind sharing, but they break things and eat our fruit and berries. Maybe I'll try a few of your suggestions.

Annamadagan 4 years ago

We don't have large animals as pests. The most we get are bugs, and bunnies! Nice lens!

Thrinsdream profile image

Thrinsdream 4 years ago

I would love to see a bear in my garden, the nearest I get to that is my partner (happy bear, not grumpy bear). Love the idea of solar powered fence too. Great article. With thanks and appreciation. Cathi x

MzLiz_dot_Biz 4 years ago

I've tried using lady bugs and it worked! Most of those little cuties departed for the neighbors balcony, but they did make my geraniums bug free without spraying.

goldenecho profile image

goldenecho 4 years ago from Texas

Beer for slugs: Put out beer on a low dish overnight. The slugs will come, party, and die of a hangover in the morning (really!)

goldenecho profile image

goldenecho 4 years ago from Texas

Beer for slugs: Put out beer on a low dish overnight. The slugs will come, party, and die of a hangover in the morning (really!)

miaponzo 4 years ago

These are great ideas! I am going to need these soon, because I am planning on making a garden in the home we are moving to soon! Blessed!

linkreggie 4 years ago

Solar Powered Electric Fence is a great way to ensure your pet. thanks for posting informative lens..

ItayaLightbourne profile image

ItayaLightbourne 4 years ago from Topeka, KS

Love all your wonderful garden tips! Think I'm going to do the shiny flashy thing and see if that works to keep birds and hopefully kitties out of my garden bed. Great article! :)

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I don't think I have any tips, you covered pretty much everything. Very informative. Thanks for sharing.

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no, but congratulation for your lens :)

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I need a tip in how to keep the kids away from the garden..nice lens

BradKamer 4 years ago

Nothing to add here. I have heard of the dishsoap in a spray bottle. It was partially successful at keeping the japenese beetles from our raspberry bushes. Though they came back.

anonymous 4 years ago

Congrats on being on the first page.

microfarmproject profile image

microfarmproject 4 years ago

I put petroleum jelly on a yellow plastic plate near my plants when they get buggy. It traps the bugs like sticky tape, and is reusable. Thanks for posting this info!

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dann7trdro lm 4 years ago

cool work,keep it coming

jarajelissa 4 years ago

Install a fence around the garden. Use a temporary wire fence to deter small animals like rabbits.

vBizeso 4 years ago

Nice Lens...

Virginia Allum LM profile image

Virginia Allum LM 4 years ago

I am a frustrated gardener - frustrated because at the moment I have a tiny backyard. I have planted raspberries ,strawberries ,loganberries and rhubarb this year but the snails are already heading my way. Want to try companion planting. Any tips? PS I'm in the SW of England so no bears!

intermarks profile image

intermarks 4 years ago

I like the traditional way where I think scarecrows should work to chase them off my garden.

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thememorybooksh1 4 years ago

Nice Lens, Congratulation For the title you got :)

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I work at the home depot. Ireally enjoyed your post and i learned from it

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Congratulations on LOTD! Great advice.

tarastillhere 4 years ago

I have cats in my neighborhood, always find my gardens and use as litter box.Im tired of it and stopped gardening...waste of money....

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biminibahamas 4 years ago

Great lens, we used the motion sensor water sprayer to deter the herons from fishing out my Koi pond ... I'm not sure if it worked on the birds, but one of my neighbors was kneeling on the dock looking over in the pond and was sprayed right on her" bottom" ... well, she never came over again, LOL!

WordChipper profile image

WordChipper 4 years ago

Just an idea.. dig a hole and put the bleach bottle partially submerged so that it can't get knocked over... leave the top exposed so the odors still waft out...

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Super LotD-Congrats! :>)

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Well done for LOTD, and thanks for the ladybird video sequence!

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This is such a beautiful and detailed lens .. thank you and congrats on LOTD! Cheers! :)

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Great ideas and tips to help everyone keep the frustration from pesky critters out of our flower beds and gardens, thanks

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Franksterk 4 years ago from California

Congrats on a well-deserved LOTD. Excellent advice. I live in the Redwoods so I have lots of critters. I accept them all as part of the fact of life except for the bears and Bob Cats. I respect them as the wild animals they are, but I prefer they keep their distance. I've had to resort to keeping my garbage cans in my garage because of bears. My cats are indoors only so I don't have to worry about losing cats like my neighbors. I don't know how they can deal with the losses due to the big cats. Anyway. Very nice lens. Bear hugs, Frankster

SusanDeppner profile image

SusanDeppner 4 years ago from Arkansas USA

I don't have any pest tips, but I certainly appreciate yours! Congratulations on your Lens of the Day!

anonymous 4 years ago

Would clumps of brushed out dog hair be beneficial in my garden??

SARGESGIFTSHOP profile image

SARGESGIFTSHOP 4 years ago from Imperial, Missouri

Would clumps of brushed out dog hair put around plants be of any help ??

JoshK47 4 years ago

I don't have any myself, but you put together quite a lens here - never really thought of bears as "pests," but I do suppose they can be a nuisance, while being a bit more scary than other annoyances. Blessed by a SquidAngel and congrats on LotD! :)

faye durham 4 years ago

Excellent tips to help everyone keep the pests away. Congrats on LOTD.

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This is a terrific lens. Congratulations on getting LoTD!

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delia-delia 4 years ago

Congratulation on LOTD! This is great advice! I have tried some and the ones that work are not allowed, like the electric fence which I have from my Horse Ranch years.

~d-artist Squid Angel Blessing~ for a great informative lens...

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Millionairemomma 4 years ago

Congrats on LOTD. Useful info.

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CameronPoe 4 years ago

Bears?! I get intimated with gophers in my garden. I'd panic if bears ever enter my yard.

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emmaklarkins 4 years ago

Terrific advice! Pests in a tasty organic garden always make me sad.

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dahlia369 4 years ago

Wonderful lens and information on more garden pests that I've ever had a chance to meet during my gardening experience. Congrats for becoming a LOTD! :)

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futurefocus57 4 years ago

Keep everything mowed and trimmed.

jmatts1 4 years ago

Nice lens. I've had deer eat my flowers before so I think I'll try some of your suggestions.

getmoreinfo 4 years ago

These are some great pest control products, my favorite would probably be the lady bugs because they are so cute. I do like the idea of using the scarecrow sprinkler too.

createpink profile image

createpink 4 years ago

Hilarious to see a pic of a bear with the headline. So I had to read. Of course, I then learned you were serious about the bears. Great reads. I just started gardening veggies and learned a few things from you. Much appreciated!!

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magictricksdotcom 4 years ago

Seems like bears in backyards are making the news all across the country. Great image to attract attention to your lens!

shellyshem2012 4 years ago

Great tips! Thank you so much!

jvcronje 4 years ago

Excellent idea using ladybirds. I'm from South Africa and a natural product called diatomite is readily available. It is a very fine greyish powder and it kills any bug - ants included. It is not toxic at all.

GO Cybernaut profile image

GO Cybernaut 4 years ago from Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada

I put a few morsels of dry cat food under small cat food tins around the garden to trap and remove slugs. I was surprised to find that the raccoons were flipping the cans over to eat the cat food AND the slugs and have so far been winning the war on slugs.

designsbyharriet profile image

designsbyharriet 4 years ago from Indiana

These are great idea. I am going to try some.

Funflower profile image

Funflower 4 years ago

I am in awe by so much creativity. The only real problem I have are slugs and I fight them (and only them) the chemical way. Shame on me, but my pickling cucumber and numerous hosta's ask for drastic measures.

designsbyharriet profile image

designsbyharriet 4 years ago from Indiana

These are great idea. I am going to try some.

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sittonbull 4 years ago

Great Lens....Thanks!! and Congratulations on LOTD!

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This is an amazing lens with unique information that will help solve many common problems. Thank you

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WritingForChange 4 years ago

Love it. This is the first year in a while that I've got back into gardening and that's because I moved into a house with a fenced in garden that at least keeps some of the bigger pests (we get a lot of deer round here) away. Thanks for the tips on keeping some of the fence jumpers/crawler underers away too!

wcjohnston profile image

wcjohnston 4 years ago

Anything work on Grandchildren?

Deborah Swain profile image

Deborah Swain 4 years ago from Rome, Italy

when i had a vegetable garden in the italian countryside wild boar were a terrible problem...and moles! the thought of keeping BEARS out, though, is terrifying! congratulations on LOTD!

MrWidemouth profile image

MrWidemouth 4 years ago

Bury beer bottles with a little beer left in the bottom around the corners of the garden. The slugs go in and the beer deactivates the slime so they can't get out.

MarcellaCarlton 4 years ago

What about the cats? They always come over into my clean yard to do their thing.

It is disgusting having to clean up the mess left by other people,s pets.

soaringsis 4 years ago

Congratulation on your LotD. I will have to try some of these tips. Thanks for the info.

MariaMontgomery profile image

MariaMontgomery 4 years ago from Central Florida, USA

Great lens. Well done. Neighborhood cats are making me crazy. They poop in my garden, then dig up and/or bury plants in the process of scratching to cover their poop with dirt. They have dug up several irises, buried irises, and pooped near vegetables. I am at my wits' end.

MobileAppMan 4 years ago

Maybe you should get spell check a little.

Sher Ritchie profile image

Sher Ritchie 4 years ago

Some people use a thick layer of sawdust around beds/plants to stop snails and slugs. The idea is that that sawdust 'cloggs' the snail/slug's 'foot', so it cannot reach the plants. Congratulations in being LOTD!

Storytutor 4 years ago

Bobbex for deer repellent!

anonymous 4 years ago

Really like your Lens and am posting a link to it on my Gardening and Landscaping Directory for Homeowners -

anonymous 4 years ago

I have cats having their babies around my flowers & garden , i heard moth balls would keep them out, is there any truth to this rumor?

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Diana Wenzel 4 years ago from Colorado

Excellent tips. Appreciated. Congrats on LotD!

RawBill1 profile image

RawBill1 4 years ago from Gold Coast, Australia

Congrats on LOTD. The thought of having bears and deer around my yard is pretty freaky! We get kangaroos and wallabies here, but I have a small fence around my veggie garden to keep them out. We still get loads of other pests though, caterpillars seem to be the worst, eating all our leafy greens. Just have to plant enough to share I guess. Birds and possums eat our fruit too. Pretty hard to keep them out without any covering the whole tree in netting.

biggking lm profile image

biggking lm 4 years ago

I can honestly say that if I saw a mountain lion in the woods one time, and I really shit a brick. Just the idea knowing that it can come at me for the heck of it really rattled my bones. But then again, when you're in the woods just about anything is welcome.

kurslar 4 years ago

istanbul medyum siteleri

anonymous 4 years ago

Returning to congratulate you on LotD!

JustOneGuy 4 years ago

Our garden will benefit with your suggestions. Many I have never heard of before. Great lens.

anonymous 4 years ago

Great Lens!

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FionaCarroll 4 years ago from Sydney, Australia

Congrats on LOTD. Deterring bears isn't necesssary in Australia, my home, thank goodness, but we do have possums and wallabies who eat the flowers!

GilliansCloud 4 years ago

Does anyone know how to keep skunks away? They've become a problem this spring.

flicker lm profile image

flicker lm 4 years ago

Thanks for the good advice! Very helpful, especially about the solar-powered electric fence. Have been thinking about getting one of those for a while now.

happynutritionist 4 years ago

Helpful biggest pests are slugs during humid rainy summers and the squirrels that like to eat my tulip flowers.

happynutritionist 4 years ago

PS - we have big black bears too...but they seem happy enough messing with our trash and leave the plants alone:-)

avid reader rev profile image

avid reader rev 4 years ago

I live in the south and every fall, when my roses start showing out again after the summer heat, the deer show up and eat the buds!

anonymous 4 years ago

I use Peppermint oil for spiders and ants.

Lee Hansen profile image

Lee Hansen 4 years ago from Vermont

I use a spray made with garlic and red pepper to deter deer and groundhogs. Sometimes it works ... also like to use red pepper sprinkled on my herbs and veggies to keep the bunnies away. Bounce works to repel mice from my car ... yes, my car.

edecas4 profile image

edecas4 4 years ago from Powell RIver BC Author

@anonymous: thank you. I have indeed heard mothballs work but have not tried it

julia007 4 years ago

Thank you for sharing such a great Lens! It is just what I need!

Matt_Lowe 4 years ago

Thankfully we don't have to worry about bears or dear hear in suburbia. Bugs and rabbits are our biggest culprits. Thanks for the tips. I'll be using some of these right away. I am not a very accomplished gardener...yet.

Faye Rutledge profile image

Faye Rutledge 4 years ago from Concord VA

Thanks for these great pest tips! The deer ate my hosta plants this year. Congratulaions on LotD!

four synergy profile image

four synergy 4 years ago

Have always just used ivory soap and water for the aphids and such on roses...but learned a few more tricks here. Thanks!

anonymous 4 years ago

I love the water sprayer and the soap and water one. Nice lens.

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pcgamehardware 4 years ago

Great tips to help protect your garden.

Thanks for sharing... :)

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Hello, I don't have tips to share but I find this lens interesting and very helpful.

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sittonbull 4 years ago

Going to try the egg spray now for the deer!

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Redneck Lady Luck 4 years ago from Canada

I used to live in the woods and animals were a natural part of gardening in the wild. There are many animal friendly ways to help keep them out of the garden and sometimes you just have to share a little.

chas65 profile image

chas65 4 years ago

The birds have just ruined the strawberries and are now starting on the tomatoes.

Rural Farming profile image

Rural Farming 4 years ago

I really like neem, and we have some guinea fowl that do a job on insects as well

anonymous 3 years ago

I never did find a way to keep deer from updooting my gladiola bulbs - hasa eny one been successful, short of completely fencing in the garden area where they are planted?

TheGardenGuys 3 years ago

Great selection of anti-pest devices.

RinchenChodron 3 years ago

I own a condo so no garden. But I did have a plot at the local botanic gardens and the only bug killer they would allow was Diotomeceous Earth and it worked great!

JoanieMRuppel54 profile image

JoanieMRuppel54 2 years ago from Keller, Texas

We had a pet chicken for several years that would happily eat pests from the garden. She never bothered our crops. Very informative lens.

prairieprincess profile image

prairieprincess 2 years ago from Canada

Great article! I referenced to your hub in my latest article about avoiding bears in your yard. We live in a woods and the other night I saw a bear on the deck, so now we are considering a solar electric fence, like you mention in this hub. Was this something you rigged up yourself, and where did you get the parts?

edecas4 profile image

edecas4 2 years ago from Powell RIver BC Author

For ourselves we rigged up a little unit - since my husband tends to collect spare parts of this and that. But there are also units available to buy that are not too expensive. When this article was on Squidoo, I had one referenced to buy. Had to reduce that amazon link though when all the lenses moved to hubs

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