how to make a vietnam rose bloom

here are a few tips that I got from my mom,

  • vietnam rose loves sunlight - place your plant in a place where direct sunlight reaches it
  • vietnam rose hates too much water-  don't over water your plant
  • small amount of soil will do - This one I learned from experience. I haven't got enough soil so I temporarily placed the excess plants on my laundry room, surprisingly they're still alive after a week!

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drifterify  6 years ago

im here in the philippines and i have been growing viet rose beside my ornamental plant. Some of it I accidentally place near our launrdray area outside our home where it usually gets too much sunlight and laundry water, and frequent foot stomping. And still there green as ever. My question is, can I use it as a grass lawn instead of using bermuda grass, which I planning to use.

stranded07 profile image

stranded07 6 years ago from Quezon City, Philippines Author

mmm. nice idea drifterify, I have'nt thought of that. You can try it on a small part of your garden, if it had survived your laundry, it should work. But remember, viet rose is like an under water sea weed, it has long stems and soft leaves, so you would have to trim it every so often, and I think it will not produce much flower if that's the case. Well, its just an idea, nothing teaches us more than experiencing it, so you can still try it and let me know what happens, if you would mind of course. Thanks also for asking for my advice

moochie 6 years ago

hi, what's the scientific name of the vietnam rose? i can't seem to find it anywhere on the web. thanks!

ricky 6 years ago

for info regarding "vietnam rose", you may search "portulaca", "moss rose", or "purslane"

rufina 5 years ago

is there a blue color of vietnam rose?

stranded07 profile image

stranded07 5 years ago from Quezon City, Philippines Author

hi rufina. though I am not 100% sure., I haven't seen any. I even searched pictures on the net and none of it is blue.

annie 5 years ago

understand from friend that vietnam rose make into a drink is good for diabetes

Bel fr. Zambales 22 months ago

I have different colors of vietnam rose, dark pink, white, like carnation,orange, pink and dark red all doubles..and singles yellow, pink, white and red orange ...

yenyen 22 months ago

I went to Ilo-ilo, I observed the people there loves vietnam rose,different colors ,near the airport along the highways....its a simple plant, easy to propagate and inspiring to the heart when it blooms every morning.

estelita n villas 19 months ago

its very nice and nice to look at and very simple plant and easy to plant

Buboy Pasigueno 17 months ago

Hi Ms Bel of Zambales, i love gardening and vietnam rose is my one of my favourite flower in our garden, we also got different colours but we don't have orange and red orange yet... :(

FIDEL 14 months ago


Jamie 12 months ago

Hi! How often do you water Vietnam Rose? The seller that I bought from told me that it should only be once a week. I can't seem to find any reliable information from the web so I hope someone can help me here. Thanks! :)

cherry 11 months ago

what is the standard space requirement for veitnem rose

Michelle 6 months ago

Is vietnam rose a shrub?tnx

letty 5 months ago

Hi bel fr. zambales where did u get your single yellow and red orange I only have the white and pink the double I have are pink,white, red,peach and the carnation like

linda 5 months ago

grass loan maybe not good because if you step on thier leaves will wither immediately.

Jam Raz profile image

Jam Raz 4 months ago

love portulacas.. got almost all the color varieties but still searching for more...

ken 3 weeks ago

where to buy different cultivars of vietnam rose here in the philippines???

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