How to Replace a Kitchen Sink

Buy the right Kitchen Sink

Replace the sink in your kitchen is a job that you just want to do once, and if you buy the right kind of sink that is what will happen. The style of the sink is relative and depends on your personal taste. Keep in mind the measures that your kitchen counter has and how many holes there are to fixing your new sink.

Before you begin

Before doing anything, remove all pieces of your new sink from the box. Make sure you have all the pieces and read the instruction manual. Some manuals list the tools needed to install the sink and other manufacturers list all the tools necessary for all its models, so if you find a tool that has no or a piece that did not come in the box, do not panic and make sure that the tool or part is really needed for your model.

After all the material found, place a towel near the sink so you can kneel and remove everything that is kept under the sink. Put a towel in the cupboard under the sink and don't put anything wet and you also need a small flashlight to have some more lighting inside the cabinet.

Remove the old sink

Turn off the taps under your sink. If you do not have independent safety valves in the pipe of your kitchen sink, turn off the stopcock of the kitchen or the home.

The sink should have a small curved outlet pipe. If the barrel is white it is probably made of plastic and will not be difficult to unscrew and remove with just your hands. If the pipe is metal or if it is too tight, use a plumber key and turn it clockwise. If you still can not do it, use a little WD-40 and wait 15 seconds before trying again. The drain pipe should come out easily after that.

After removing the pipe, it is time to remove the tubes from the tap. Again use a wrench to unscrew the nuts that hold the pipes from the taps. If possible put yourself back under the sink. This position will allow you to do more strength in the key and loosen the nuts more easily. If the nuts are rusted, use again a little WD-40.

After removing the tubes from the taps, unscrew all the nuts and bolts that hold your sink to the bottom of the workbench. The screws must all be in sight and this task should be easy. It is possible that your sink has a layer of silicone around it, this should be removed with the help of a spatula.

After completing this task you should be able to lift and remove the sink.

Installing the new sink.

You will now install the new sink. You must first check whether there is any nipple or basis for the taps of your sink. If there is, mount the base or nipple.

Pass the pipes of the new faucet for the sink hole at the base of the corresponding bench and apply the basins of the sink. Before you hit your new sink in place, make sure the tap is right and that the barrel has the length needed for installation. If the pipe is too large, it is necessary to cut it to the right size.

After this step, it is time to tighten the pipes of hot and cold water. Spend a little Teflon tape on the tubes and tighten the nuts. Be careful not to tighten the nuts too. Reconnect the water and check for leaks in pipes, hot and cold water.

Now its time to install the new pipe to the drain of the sink. The steps are quite simple and similar to the process of removing the barrel of old kitchen sink. Just put the barrel in place and tighten with a wrench or by hand.

Now that you have everything in place, test your sink with running water and see if it has no water leakage in any of the pipes.

If all is well, hit the sinks in the place and spend a bit of silicone all around the sink to prevent water leakage at the bench.

Leave some paper towels under the sink for a few days to determine if there are small water leak that has not been repaired.

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