How To Unblock A Toilet Without A Plunger

How to Unblock a Toilet without A Plunger: A True Story

Blocked toilets and bodily functions don’t always make for pleasant conversation but I just had to write about my experience this morning. My first encounter with a blocked toilet and my first success at getting it unblocked without the help of my husband, without a plunger and thankfully without the extra cost of a plumber. A few Sundays ago we lost our house keys and had to call the locksmith -ended up pay 3 times the regular fee for Sunday service!. Last Sunday my husband had to tend to a leak in the kitchen! I was definitely not going to tell him about this load of crap! No pun intended.

How I Unblocked the Toilet Without A Plunger

I am no plumber-but I am an Architect and have some idea how a toilet system functions. In case you have a blocked toilet do exercise caution as this method may vary depending on the nature of the blockage. If you have what is generally termed a ‘soft blockage’ i.e a blockage caused by excess use of toilet paper (my reason for the blockage) then it’s a simple process of letting the water stand. It will drain out after some time. I waited about 30 minutes before the water drained through except when I flushed it for a second time then it filled up to the top of the pan again. Oh horror! I attempted this three times!

After sitting in the bathroom for nearly 2 hours I decided enough was enough. I tied I plastic trash bag around my hand up to my armpits...just to be safe from the grime. I stuck my hand into the pan to feel the ‘blockage’ low and behold it was toilet paper. I just gave it a great big nudge and off it went down the sewer system. Problem of a blocked toilet solved!...without the use of a plunger!

Though this experience was definitely a learning one it has taught me a few good lessons:
1. Never use too much toilet paper
2. Add more fibre to my diet
3. Get a plunger
4. Do stock large sized trash bag for unforeseen toilet blockages.

5. Don't flush again if it fails to flush the first time- this could risk an overflow of water the next time you flush. If water does overflow then it is best to keep a clothe (preferably disposable ones) around the sides to absorb the excess water before it seeps throughout the bathroom.

The Mystery of Blocked Toilets

If you are wondering why toilets get blocked, well there are a number of reasons for a blockage. This could be due to excess toilet paper or perhaps the kids flushed down one of their toys, or more serious reasons like a defect in the building plumbing system such as low water pressure.

Section of A Toilet
Section of A Toilet | Source

Tools To Unblock a Toilet

Conventional tools for unblocking toilet include a Plunger or a Toilet Auger also known as a Toilet Snake. The Auger is a metal clip like structure with a plastic end which prevents the enamel in the pan from being scraped. The shape allows the user to access the bend in the pipe-the place where blocks usually occur. If you don’t have an Auger then you can use a metal coat hanger. Simply bend the hanger so that it can access the bend.


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