How to Wash Clothes in Washing Machine

How to Wash Clothes in Washing Machine

You can get good results when washing your clothes if you divide your clothes according to these rules:

1. Separate the colored clothes from the white ones. The intense colors, too dark or too intense can dye ink and drop, specially the first time they are washed. It is very likely that the ink dropped by these garments is absorbed by whites or light colors. It's always good to check the label on the piece in question if any doubt.

2. Separate clothes that can be washed with bleach from those who can not. Thus, you can make a washing machine and add bleach to the wash.

3. Most of the clothes can be washed hot or cold. The heavy cotton clothes respond best to a hot wash. Creased clothes can be damaged when washed in hot. Always check the label on the garment.

4. Separate pieces of clothing that are very dirty and in need of a pre-wash from those that are soiled or only slightly used.

5. Separate t-shirts, sweat-shirts, new towels and other items that might drop by the gala clothes, spare and sensitive parts. This way you will not find in your gala suit lines after washing.

6. Always check the pockets of pants and jackets before putting them on the machine. Close all zippers to prevent snags. Also check out the clothes for tough stains that require stain remover before going to the machine.

7. To prevent the socks get lost, put it in the bottom of the machine. If possible, use a mesh bag and place them all inside.

8. Always make complete machines to save energy but never put more clothes.

9. If using a dryer, do not put a lot of clothes each time. Allow space for clothes to run around. After the machine cycle ends, remove the clothing to prevent unwanted gain of wrinkles and creases.

10. Clean the filters with frequency of your washing machine and its dryer.

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