How to Choose a Sofa

How to Choose a Sofa

The choice of sofa is sometimes not easy and it takes into account several important details. The sofas are always a very important element in interior decoration. They have a great importance in the decoration of a room and are also one of the most expensive furniture, which always require a considerable investment by households. To ensure a sofa that offers comfort and at the same time be sustained you will have to bear in mind these five tips that follow, so you can choose a sofa with high quality parameters.

5 Tips for choosing the best sofas


The springs of the sofas are a very important element for the comfort of the same. They should be together and tight, so you should not sit to hear any popping. If you hear a popping noise sofa, that is a sign that something is not right, and will not be a good buy.


The cloth should be taken into account when choosing a new sofa to buy. For example, resistant textiles - cotton and linen - fabrics are great, however, hold much in decoration style. The synthetic micro fibers are a good option and have the advantage of being more resistant to stains. The natural and synthetic fibers may give the image of being aged in a short time. The wool and skin are good, very strong but also very expensive. The silk is beautiful but it's not a strong tissue.

The structure

The structure is another important aspect when choosing a new sofa. The best choice should fall on the wood (never in plywood, plastics and metals). The structure must be robust and include feet. To test the robustness of your new sofa, you can lift one corner of the front of the couch about 15-20 cm, if the couch is sturdy, the other front leg also rise at the same time, if it does not happen the couch is not resistant.


The best options for filling the sofas are high strength foam incorporating feather or polyurethane foam, because they allow greater comfort and a better aspect of the pads over time.


When looking at the seams of sofas, note the materials used: the best are those of wood or metal, if you find nails, staples and glues, the finishes of the sofa are of poor quality.

You know, whenever you think of buying a new sofa, do not forget these tips how to chose a new sofa.

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