How to Decorate a Living Room

How to Decorate a Living Room

Our house is where we feel more the need to express our tastes and our personality. The idea of ​​a room that is perfect depends on it, on our personality. But the ingredients that blend to create a perfect space are common to us all. Anyone can follow this recipe of 10 steps to create the living room of your dreams.

To begin, we suggest you look for inspiration in a living room you saw in a magazine at a friend's house, on television or the Internet. Or simply be inspired by a subject you love. A curtain, a rug, a piece of art. This will give you the three main ingredients for your perfect living room.

1. Style

The room or the subject where you were inspired will allow if your perfect living room will be contemporary, traditional, modern, etc...

2. Texture

The smooth surfaces, clean and shiny as silk, satin and crystal are, mostly, more formal. Surfaces with many textures and fabrics of linen, wicker baskets, clay objects are more casual. The more you find the texture that gave you inspiration for your perfect living room, the more chance it will become perfect.

3. Color

Most of the decorations are based on three colors - the base color, contrast and highlight color. That's why when you look at a combination of green and cream, it seems that something is missing. In the spectrum of colors, three colors are typically chosen close to each other - for example a blue-green, green, yellow-green, or they may be separated in the spectrum but complement one another in some way.

The core focus is the color that gives a surprising effect in the decor. Should be used to mark a highlight in at least three areas of your living room, for example, a curtain, a table and a cushion. If used less than three times, then it is considered a highlight color but an accident.

4. Furniture and Furnishings

Do not try to combine all the furniture in your living room. The tone of your mobile TV does not need to match the wood on the baseboard or to the coffee table. Always make sure that the furniture in your living room is proportional to the size of the division.

When placing furniture in the room, put them in order to create the letters of the alphabet as "L", "X", "U", always making sure that the way you design is best suited for the dimensions of the room.

Remember that you need to have a place in your living room where you can land a glass, dish or cup 50 cm away from anywhere you are seated. If you have questions about the size of your coffee table, always opt for one that has two thirds the size of your sofa.

5. Window Decoration

A room is never complete without some sort of decoration on the windows. You may not notice if the room has carpet or not but you always notice if a window is empty. The decoration of the windows also help to create rhythm and movement in a room.

6. Lighting

There are three different types of artificial lighting to natural lighting besides the obvious that with the right conditions, can completely transform a room. Firstly we have the general lighting. To choose the perfect chandelier for your living room, measure the length of two walls in your room, add the two values ​​and divide by 10 to find the diameter of the candle. That is, if the walls are 5 meters by 6 meters, you will have a lamp with a diameter of 110 cm. Another tip is to hang the lamp at least 80 cm height of your table.

Then we also have a task-oriented lighting and lighting to highlight. A floor lamp is an example of a lighting task-oriented and focus oriented towards a work of art is an outstanding example of lighting. These types of lighting should be used whenever necessary.

7. Ground

Choose a type of floor that complements your living room. Today is used everything in large. Large tiles, big slabs of wood are very popular. Above the floor, choose a rug or carpet wool sheep - sheep do not shrink in the rain, so do not be afraid that your rug or carpet wool shrink when wet. In fact, it is one of the more versatile and it is easier to clean and maintain.

8. Walls

Another great part of the decor of your living room is the color of the walls. Either with paint or wallpaper, always remember that you can add texture to your walls using various techniques. Do not forget the fifth wall of your room, the ceiling. Do not let your ceiling white and simple. Opt for a lighter color and halftone. Mix one-third of the color of your walls with two thirds of white and you will find the perfect color for your ceiling.

9. Accessories

Use rigid items such as mirrors, pottery, paintings and photos throughout your living room. Combine these items with softer objects like pillows, curtains, towels and plans to create a feeling of warmth and harmony.

10. Personality

Do not forget to add to your perfect living room those little touches of your personality. Choose objects that describe your hobbies and interests in a creative and original way. And do not forget that humor is important in everything in life, even the decor of your room.

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Eiddwen profile image

Eiddwen 5 years ago from Wales

A great hub with some beautiful living rooms.

Take care


Tweetmom profile image

Tweetmom 5 years ago from Newark

You must a professional interior designer. This is a great tool for newly weds looking for a new crib to live in. Great hub. Rated up!

pedrog profile image

pedrog 5 years ago Author

Thank you, you are too kind.

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