How to Organize Your Closet

How to Organize Your Closet

We all know that the act of dressing in the morning can be a challenge. It's much easier to complete this task when you know you can find everything ready by then in our closet. Often the lack of organization and poor design of the closet leads to enormous confusion and lost hours trying to find that piece of clothing to complete a perfect outfit.

When a couple sharing a closet, problems begin to arise immediately. She needs space hangers to hang all her dresses and suits but the man also needs space for creased trousers. Then comes the problem of where to store shelves for folded clothes. Most likely will have to use shelves and cabinets to store clothes with difficult access.

The key point to get organized any closet is to identify all the clothes you wear. If you have clothes that you do not use for more than a year, which are torn, smudged, outdated or simply no longer serve you, get rid of them. Once you know what you have, decide what space you need to store everything.

If most of your laundry is folded, you'll need many shelves. If almost all your clothes are shirts and pants, then the advice to you is that most of your closet has dual zones hangers. If you have dresses, coats and suits to pack, then opt for the traditional area of hangers in height. If you have many pairs of shoes, do not forget to reserve some space to store them. A good option is to use compartments for shoes in a wall closet.

While researching materials for your closet, remember that the clothes are extremely heavy and that the materials used must be of good quality. Modules of prefabricated closets are a good option if the quality of materials is good. This type of arrangement allows any time to purchase new modules or remove it is relative ease. Make sure the area for bars has adjustable hangers so that you can move further up or down as needed. The sliding wire drawers are a great alternative to traditional drawers and are generally cheaper. They are very good for storing underwear, socks and bags. Also do not forget the small details such as an area for ties and belts.

For a common closet, if you use modern methods of storage, can achieve a 50% increase in space. If you hire expert help, a new cabinet can be installed in just two days. If you prefer to be yourself to do so, choose prefabricated modules.

Another tip for organizing your closet, choose to sort your clothes by type. Ie, add all the pants, skirts, jackets, sweaters, etc... You should also sort your clothes by color, from darker to lighter. All your clothes should be facing the same direction. Following these tips will become much easier to find that piece of clothing you want.

Follow these tips and you'll see that dress in the morning will no longer be a chore.

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