How to Remodel a Bathroom

How to Remodel a Bathroom

Decorators and experts say there are 41 points to consider when thinking about remodeling a bathroom. In this article we only consider the most important in the present day.

According to the maxim that "form should follow function", the function of a bathroom is obvious and necessary, and security is the second most important aspect in the design of a bathroom. The location in a house where most accidents occur is in the bathroom. Accessibility is an important aspect in the design and decor of a bathroom and this means not only that the bathroom should have access to a wheelchair but also a teenager on crutches after a bicycle accident can use the bathroom without problems.

It is very important to make sure that all safety rules are followed. The installation of an anti-slip flooring in bathrooms, electrical outlets with ground connections, proper lighting and low consumption of water and boxes of reduced flow are just some of the items that should not miss in your bathroom.

It should also take into account the installation of air boxes on the walls of your bathroom. This option, though more expensive, will compensate for the long term. Proper ventilation is also essential not only something to get rid of odors but also so that the moisture generated in the bathroom to be dissipated.

Storage is a factor that often lacks the necessary attention when thinking about remodeling your bathroom. Most people think that all the necessary items can be stowed in the bathroom cabinet sink. If you plan ahead and schedule the item for each site you will be able to create a much more elegant design that will greatly facilitate your bathroom. In relation to the cabinet for towels if you want a little more comfort, you might consider purchasing a closet with a heating system. So you always have hot towels when you leave the bathroom.

Regarding to ceramic bathroom, your budget is the most important factor. The part where you should invest more money is undoubtedly the sink. If your bathroom sink is poor, the more likely is that it lasts very little and has plumbing problems in a short time.

When reaching the decision to install a hot tub or a box shower you need to take into account all factors other than personal taste. A house where all the bathrooms have shower has less commercial value than a home with at least one bath. You should also take into account accessibility and safety. A bathtub is essential for those who can not stand but it is also more complicated to get in and out to the disabled.

Now what to do with all this information?

You can start by making a list of everything that is most important to you and your family in your new bathroom. Gather examples and details that you liked and that fit your choices. Consider hiring professional help. The kitchen and bathroom are very technical areas of the house and need very specific materials. The advice of a professional will help you avoid mistakes that can be very costly in the end.

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