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Air pollution is something that we cannot ignore. Humans first experienced air pollution when making fires in caves. Since then earth's surface get polluted day by day, more and more.

Greenhouse gases blocking some of the infrared radiation and protect us. They are carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). They prevent us from heat and negative rays. But as their natural balances get hampered so the average temperature of the whole planet is increasing.

Air pollution from daily life

Varnish, hairspray and tobacco smoke are just a few examples of air pollution from our daily life. We also use air cooler which create CFC gas and carbon dioxide which is very harmful for nature.

Across the globe, personal automobile is the single greatest air polluter. The release of this contains carbon monoxide, nitrous oxide and nitrous oxide gas. Everyone sitting in a traffic jam is getting poisoned by air pollution.

Air pollution from Modern World
Different types of production factories, power-generating and office buildings stations burn fossil fuels and Gasoline and diesel fuels are mixtures of hydrocarbon produces lot of air pollutions.
Nuclear energy production process cause great deal of air pollutions.
Fertilizer and Pesticides create dust and polluted air.
Mining and oil refineries also cause air pollution.

Air Pollution from Dust
In modern days dust become a common sector of air pollution. As i mentioned earlier, home and modern lifestyle related production causes for dust.

Air Pollution from Destroying Tree
Trees produce oxygen from carbon dioxide. Activities that involve the burning of wood create dust, smog and direct air pollution. Air pollutants injure trees and damaging their foliage, which ultimately effect their life cycle.

We can see variety of reasons for air pollution. Carbon monoxide, Sulfur dioxide, Hydrogen floride and silicon tetrafloride, Ozone, Methane, Nitros oxides, Chloroflorocarbons are harmful pollutant. Dust, gas and chemicals enter the atmosphere and react with nature, which makes serious damage to the ozone layer. Current efforts to control air pollution are not all very effective. To save this world much more needs to be done. What you say?

Causes of Air Pollution

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