3 Ways to Improve Your Soundproofing Projects

Now that you understand the 5 main principles of soundproofing we're going to take a step back and try to apply those concepts to your next soundproofing job. You absolutely must use both good soundproofing materials and proper technique in order to get the effects you desire. Not doing so will cause you aggravation and, sadly, you'll have to spend even more money correcting the problem.

Keep the following suggestions in mind as you work to plot your next soundproofing project. Each of these suggestions was designed in order to help you make the most out of your time, money, and materials - whether you're working on a residential or commercial building.

Decoupling is Important

The act of decoupling basically means you are creating blockages through which sound can't pass. We usually achieve decoupling effects by using whisper clips, staggered studs, or some other material to make it more difficult than usual for sound energy to pass through a wall, floor, or ceiling. When the sound you are attempting to block hits these blockages it loses some of its frequency and can't get from point A to point B. Thus, you don't hear it.

You Must Increase Mass

One of the most misunderstood soundproofing concepts is the idea that you must increase the mass of a surface in order to make it difficult for sound to pass through. The more a surface weighs (or the denser it is) the more difficult it is for sound to penetrate. Using materials like mass loaded vinyl can easily help you to add weight or mass to any surface.

Promote Absorption

Decoupling and mass addition aren't the only methods available for ridding yourself of unwanted noise. Absorbing sound is also very popular - and very effective. Sound absorption materials create a sound barrier that blocks sound before it can even begin to pass through a surface. One of the most popular sound absorbing materials used today is Green Glue, a material that is also considered a damping compound.

Choosing one of the myriad of soundproofing techniques available is almost always effective. Combining more than one technique will almost guarantee 100% effectiveness - especially if you live in an incredibly noisy neighborhood, near bars or train tracks, or are trying to soundproof a home recording studio.

Think carefully about the type of soundproofing project you want to complete. Carefully choosing the right products and techniques will ensure you get the job done right the first time.

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