How to Grow An Indoor Herb Garden All Year Round

Tips on Growing Herb Garden

An indoor herb garden is the perfect solution for anyone who really wants to grow a garden but lacks the required yard space outdoors. While herbs are not exactly the same as growing a flower garden, many people who live in condominiums, apartments or rental homes find them quite satisfying when digging up their own backyard is not possible. Plus, having fresh herbs right in your home will make every meal you cook more delicious and every cup of tea more refreshing!

Then again, there are plenty people who opt for the convenience of indoor herb gardens simply because they don't want to deal with the back-breaking work that comes with an outdoor garden.

If this sounds appealing to you, consider who else in your life may be dreaming of their own garden without the ability to satisfy the craving. Not only are indoor herb gardens fun to purchase, but they make very thoughtful gifts for friends and relatives who enjoy cooking or relaxing with an evening cup of warm tea.

You have two options for starting your herb garden: purchase individual plants at a nursery or purchase kits that come complete with all necessary supplies. The benefit of shopping at a nursery is you can pick out plants which you have the most interest in and use for. The benefit of the kit is that it is so simple and fast. You simply follow directions to set it up and provide the required water and light.

How much and when you water your new indoor garden is extremely important. You have to strike the right balance, never under or overwatering. It is also required that you clip the leaves or sprigs from each plant, but you have to do it correctly. The remaining growth will continue to produce new herbs, so you have to be careful not to clip too much off.

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