Interior Design Color Meanings

Interior Design Color Meanings

Choose the most suitable color for your interior walls

The interior color of your house determines your good taste and it's always nice to hear some compliments from your guests. When choosing the color scheme in your home do not forget to take into account the significance of the colors that we present below, to best decorate the interior of your home.

Interior decoration in shades of blue

  • Cool, soothing and restful;
  • Very popular color for bedrooms;
  • Good for rooms with southern exposure.

Interior decoration in shades of red

  • Stimulant;
  • Exciting;
  • Good for rooms with northern exposures.

Interior decoration in shades of green

  • It looks cool, reflecting on nature;
  • Green complements most colors;
  • Good for rooms with southern exposure;
  • Use soft green with peach and terracotta;
  • Soft greens mixed with natural colors can create a restful, relaxing space.

Interior decoration in shades of yellow

  • Bright and cheerful;
  • One of the most popular color for kitchens;
  • Bright yellow goes well with blues;
  • Warmer tones of yellow, match well with the reds;
  • Yellow also go well with red accents and a touch of black;
  • Good for northern exposures;
  • Creamy warm yellow and gold make the rooms appear bigger and brighter, giving a more comfortable look to the room.

Interior decoration in shades of white

  • The white color will always make a room seem larger;
  • Consider using light colors on walls, moldings and hue;
  • The white will make the area more attractive and inviting;
  • White is also a good color for making dark hallways brighter.

The choice of colors must be related to the type of lighting

The area lighting will change the appearance of the colors you choose. Several types of lights such as fluorescent lights, incandescent lighting give different shades to the color applied on the walls. Before choosing the color which you will make the decoration of the interior walls of your home, make sure of the type of lights you have in your home.

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