how to maximize storage and seating: interior design quickie (1)

Whether you are decorating a common area in your small apartment, your condo or a room in your house - functionality is key. This task can seem daunting but with a little thought and some planning, you, my fledgling interior decorator, can accomplish anything. But, no matter the size, most rooms can work successfully for everyone who shares them. If done correctly, and you are the savvy planner I know you to be, there should be no compromising your design plan for extra storage space.

I would suggest sectional seating would be best for a tight space, or in a room which has to function for many different purposes or occasions. These can be moved around or reconfigured for maximum seating and flexibility of your overall design; also try buying low tables or upholstered ottomans which can perform the dual role of additional seating and serving space - no one should be left standing when you are having a social. Many of these modular, or sectional, units come in a variety of colours and textures able to fit into any design.

I'm convinced everyone, probably, has too much stuff and spends most of the clean-up process shoving it into closets and under beds before guests walk through the door. If you have the money and can afford to hire a professional you might design custom built-in bookshelves or media units able to store all your belongings beautifully. I would suggest baskets or bins as a cheaper more cost-effective way for storage - I'm a big fan of large dark wicker baskets to store magazines, books and DVDs in, they bring an organic touch to any space.

decorating round-up || what have we learned?

Every room has to be, to a certain degree, multifunctional. You should never need to compromise your design plan to appease everyone - with some time you can create a space which will work for all purposes proposed.

Sectionals and modular furniture are great for moving around and creating additional seating, also look for furniture - ottomans and low tables - to create extra seating the situation calls for it.

Built-ins are great for the wealthy and look awesome - they also, if done right, will increase the value of your home - but the savvy designer will be able to incorporate other storage solutions; such as, wicker baskets and bins. Also, aluminum gardening bins are a cheap and industrious way of storing your favourite magazines.

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Furniturehelp profile image

Furniturehelp 5 years ago from United Kingdom

Amazing and great tip lookign forward for more tips... follwing your hub from now!

Eric Prado profile image

Eric Prado 5 years ago from Webster, Texas

Awesome hub. Voted up. =)

janikon profile image

janikon 5 years ago from Toronto, Ontario Author

@eric prado thanks for the hub love.

janikon profile image

janikon 5 years ago from Toronto, Ontario Author

@furniturehelp thanks for the follow. i hope to keep on churning out great tips.

hisandhers profile image

hisandhers 5 years ago from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Oh my god, I love those baskets. What do you think about putting those on the shelves underneath my coffee table? I'm tired of looking at all of those game remotes.

janikon profile image

janikon 5 years ago from Toronto, Ontario Author

@hisandhers - I think the wicker baskets are an awesome storage solution for game paraphernalia, you could even organize them per console. I recently came across really nice woven white ones with fabric liners, which may look nice in a kitchen (for fruit) or bathroom (for toilet paper)

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