Interior of Modern Houses

Interior Decor of Modern Houses

In the interior decor of modern houses there are certain myths that ruled in the past but in today's times do not make sense. We will offer you three examples where we can prove what we are saying. The modern interior decor, today, should not obey the rigid rules of decorating, especially with regard to colors and their combination.

Interiors of houses with bright colors

Although the rules of decorating are to avoid a disaster in decor, some rules of color, in fact, make no sense. Let us show you this room taking the example of new decor, which uses a color spectrum sundown.
Myth: The bright and strong colors such as in the image may offend each others, and create an uncomfortable space.
Reality: These colors are found together in nature, meaning that they complement beautifully. The trick is to use large blocks of flat color, rather than a mix of patterns.

How to achieve a pleasant environment with these shades

Place the layers of the blocks of color, carefully, and do not charge any surface with rich tones. Try using a gray carpet on the floor, as well as some accessories to give a white appearance, full, crisp and juicy, rather than an attack of blindness to your senses. In the photograph, the bed upholstered in yellow and white sheets, raise the red and spicy oranges, avoiding a heavy and dull feel.

Interiors of houses that combine Blue and Green

Myth: Blue and green do not mix.
Reality: Apparently, these two colors are the enemy, but the green is made of blue and yellow, so it makes little sense. Maybe it's because they are a potent mix. That does not mean, however, that are fully sideways when it comes to decorating with color.

How to achieve a pleasant environment with these shades

The trick here is to be bold with color block and ensure that it shares with a standard panel. In the example below, floor to ceiling, there is a band of tiles that creates a focal point, which unites the two color tones beautifully.
Also, avoid dark shades of blue and green. A green lawn (like tennis court), works well as a highlight color to blue base surfaces and blue furniture, as illustrated in this attractive dining room decor.

Children rooms with Black

Myth: Never decorate children's rooms with black.
The reality: We're not sure where that concept came from. Maybe by parents who believed that the pastel had qualities that increased willingness. What is happening is the following, in the case of youngsters, which stimulates them more is the pattern and not the color. And the black and gray are brilliant to create patterns of decoration.

How to achieve a pleasant environment with these shades

Paint the walls, floor to ceiling with vertical stripes, using a repetition of about five bands in shades of graduation (from black through gray to white) that will add depth.
Keep a light in the room, picking the white and wood, and adding little touches of color like red-fire to create vibration. In addition to soft furnishings in a blend of geometric patterns to enter the fun factor.

You see,theinterior decorofmodern homes,maybreakcertain rulesofcolor.Andthe resultis nothing morethanmoderninteriors,boldand beautiful.

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