Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

Countertops, floors, sink, appliances, walls - all this makes a beautiful kitchen, but the cabinets are probably the biggest investment when thinking about remodeling or building a kitchen.

The style, the wood, the finish and the design of the cabinets will set the style of any kitchen and if your house was designed following the concept of "open space" so the cabinets will be exposed throughout the day.

There are three types of kitchen cabinets, pre-made, semi-made and measured. Basically, pre-made cabinets are those that bought already finished. They come in standard sizes and with very few options and details to change. The semi-made cabinets are built with standard sizes but the finish, color and detail is at the customer's taste. The measured cabinets are are the most expensive option but also the option that allows us to build the cabinets according to the design of our kitchen. We could choose measures, materials, finishes and details of our liking.

The exotic woods and varnishes are being increasingly used in kitchen cabinets. When choosing cabinets made from measure, we want to make the most of space possible. Increasingly uses cabinets without structure that allows the exploitation of about 20% more storage space.

When you think about purchasing kitchen cabinets, set your budget. Most companies that manufacture these products have the materials for any price range. Always tell the company how much to spend so that you will be provided with options that really matter. Regardless of budget, quality of work is more important.

The traditional kitchen cabinets in dark woods and finishes are the most sought after today. Cherry and alder are often used in this type of furniture.

The decorative work in a kitchen cabinet is also very important. If your house has a modern and simple design, do not buy too worked cabinets. Study well all available options before purchasing a closet with a particular type of decorative work. Sometimes a small detail in the decoration can make all the difference.

The level of options for your kitchen cabinets is vast. There are cupboards and drawers with small motors to closing on their own, small elevators to store appliances in places of difficult access, adjustable dividers for drawers, shelves, rotating to the corner cabinets, etc...

Increasingly, we look for kitchen cabinets which competes with the more detailed pieces of furniture. And all this without forgetting practicality required in the kitchen.

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