How a Latex Foam Mattress Can Help with Severe Seasonal Allergies

Having severe seasonal allergies like hay fever, or being allergic to pollen, dander and dust can be damaging to the upper respiratory system and cause other serious side effects in the human body. It can be deadly if the really young or the really old have severe allergies as their immune systems are not strong enough to fight against it. Many treatments are available today that can mitigate risks and clear common symptoms but preventing these allergic reactions can be just as easy with something as simple as a latex foam mattress. As long as you’re not allergic to latex as well, it is a viable option to help keep dust, pollen and dander away from your mouth and nose. A normal mattress collects all these particles and is why allergic reactions are sometimes horrific in the mornings and cleaning the mattress won’t help much.

Allergies can really take hold of a person’s life and many will attest to using either a latex foam mattress pad over their mattress or a complete mattress for the best protection. It will help with sleeping and waking up in the morning when the allergies seem to be affecting us the most. Cleaning the mattress is still an issue as all the harmful particles in the air will still accumulate but the layer of protection the latex offers allows it to be completely rid of particles very fast and efficiently. There are a few different types you should be aware of though and it’s important to get a good feel of what is available before you make any decision with haste.

A natural latex foam mattress is one of the most recent additions to the options available today.  They are great for those who are willing to help create a greener planet.  It offers much of the same qualities that synthetic latex offers in terms of comfort ability.  The only difference is how natural latex is made and how synthetic is made, the latter is not a sustainable resource unlike natural latex.  When one is informed, they almost always choose natural over synthetic and anyone can see why.  You can get pillows as well to complement your natural latex mattress.

For those that are familiar with Tempurpedic beds and those similar to it, would be pleased to see that there are latex memory foam mattresses available as well and are very close to the price range of regular memory foam mattresses.  However, Tempurpedic is much more expensive than an ordinary one of latex so please do not confuse the two.  Natural latex is also an available option with memory foam and this type of material provides some of the highest quality of sleep you will ever get.  Combine that with the best protection from allergies and you have one awesome bed.

Now that we have discussed the materials inside the mattress, how about the feel of the mattress; a Talalay latex foam mattress is another type of natural latex which is a bit softer to the touch more like wool as opposed to Dunlop natural latex.  Dunlop is just another method used to make the latex and in result, is a more supportive latex rather than softer like the Talalay method.  To really have a great mattress you can have some Dunlop in the center of your mattress to have a firm, supportive center and use Talalay on the outside for a like luscious, soft exterior to sleep on.

Choosing the right mattress for you, even if allergies are of great concern, you most certainly don’t have to sacrifice comfort.  The best in comfort is still available even though latex is in the mix, and in fact, some prefer a latex mattress over any other type, even if they don’t have allergies, simply just because.  They are happy with it and acclaim to being able to get great sleep using them.

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