Laundry at Home

Laundry at Home

Here are some tips on how to organize the spaces in your clothes room to create an efficient laundry at home.

Transportation and selection of clothes.

The time you lose by asking your family for the dirty laundry is really absurd. To avoid this, put some baskets for dirty clothes at strategic points and facilitate transportation and sorting clothes by color and type.

A basket should be placed in each room or in each of the bathrooms. You should also put three large baskets of laundry in your laundry room near the washing machine. Once you have this system fitted, educate the members of your family to take their baskets of their rooms to the laundry room. Refuse to wash any clothing that is not taken to it. Now you teach all members the separation of clothes in light clothes, dark clothes and delicates. Each type of clothes should go inside of each of the big baskets.

Cleaning Products

All the products you need for washing clothes shall be stored near the machine. If you do not have room, opt for a cart with wheels that you can carry with ease.

Sort your products from left to right in the order of use. Start with the stain remover products, after the detergent, fabric softener and then finally the products of little use. Be careful not to mix the bleach with cleaners containing ammonia. When the two are mixed, they produce toxic fumes.

If you have space in your laundry at home, consider using a shelf to store cleaning products for home, varnishes and shoe polish, cleaning rags and any other related product of sporadic use.

Drying clothes

If your home allows, always use an outdoor clothesline to dry the clothes. But even so, on rainy days, you will need an indoor clothesline. Choose a folding and plastic model. The metal models tend to rust quickly.

Folding laundry

After washing and drying, fold your clothes for easier ironing. The t-shirts, sweatshirts, jeans and pants should be folded as soon as possible.

Use a surface level at your waist to fold the laundry. So will not have to bend and will be able to avoid the usual back pain.

The matchless socks should not leave your laundry at home. Sooner or later, the pair of these socks will find their way back. Always keep a bag with these garments.

Some items of clothing should not be folded but hung on hangers to prevent creases and wrinkles. Shirts, dresses, suits and skirts should be hung rather than folded. Use hangers suitable for each type.


Your ironing board should be kept in your laundry at home. If possible, choose a good steam iron with boiler. The higher the vapor pressure, the easier the passage of clothing.


Your home should always be laundry organized. It may seem difficult but it becomes a habit to clean your laundry whenever you clean the house, then you'll see that all your laundry tasks will become easier.

Here are some tips to improve the environment as a washerwoman:

  • Always have a CD player or radio.
  • Place a rug or carpet on the floor. In addition to absorb spills of water, will serve as a smooth surface for your feet when you spend too much time to bend or fold clothes.
  • Put some pictures or paintings on the wall.
  • Hang a corkboard where you can put notes, calendars, task lists and reminders.
  • Keep a trash bin at hand in your laundry at home.

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