How to Live large and be Sexy

>You! There is a phrase that goes like this “life is short”… remember? Now, understanding that life is really short is the beginning of wisdom. Living life to the full is the coolest way to live. Living life does not mean going hay wire living life means work more spend more. Lots of people work more and spend less saving for what ever forgetting that if they die some one else will enjoy your life saving (lavishly). The secrets on how to live large and be sexy are:-

1. Get a good job that pays well. The more money you make the more fly you will be able to look.

2. Eat well; both slim and fat people can live life but at the same time fitness counts, exercise gives you more curves and a better shape. Your looks count.

3. Go shopping; in changing your life style you will have to change your wardrobe. Buy quality clothes, shoes, wrist watches, bags, perfumes, and so on. Quality does not necessarily mean expensive but always settle for quality.

4. Get a stylist; you need some one who is very vast with the rules of fashion. In living the life you will need to be fashionable or stylish and you can’t know all on your own you need the help of a professional or a fashion expert. You don’t have to employ a stylist you can just approach anyone you know or easily find one in a clothing store or fashion house and make friends with them.

5. Talk less and act more; when living the life you must learn to talk less so you don’t come across like an “empty vessel” that makes the loudest noise.

6. You must learn to look beautiful always. Your hair, makeup composure outfits must bring out that wow factor in you. Every person both men and women have the ability to make people say wow every time you are in public. Looking your best always brings out that wow in you.

7. You must be role model to people. If you follow the guard lines I gave you, every one who sees you would want to emulate you or be like you and that automatically makes you a role model

8. Dress the way you will like to be addressed, keep your head high and the sky will be your starting point.

Always find time to relax and have fun mostly on weekends as this helps to cool your nerves. Work hard play hard. My motto is; spend as much as you work. You need to let go and totally enjoy yourself. A life worth living should be worth living well.

Don’t forget to; exercise, feed right and eat well, have nice stuffs, visit a stylist, always dress to impress, talk less and look your best. Be elegant, gorgeous, and fabulous. Let that wow factor radiate like a holly wood star!!! Good luck!

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goldentoad profile image

goldentoad 7 years ago from Free and running....

I went to a stylist and they rejected me and said there is nothing we can do for you, and to focus on improving my personality

LAmatadora 7 years ago

I don't need a stylist..I am P.H.A.T. with my own eclectic estilo! And I do my hair and make-up like a professional ( been doing it for years) But as far as the other stuff, sounds about right to me. And I agree about looking beautiful ALWAYS...that's how I was brought up. Because Life is Too Short!!! =)

lawretta profile image

lawretta 7 years ago from England Author

Golden toad, well from your hubs i think you are a great guy but if they say improve your personality, am sure they meant that you should be happy about you.

lawretta profile image

lawretta 7 years ago from England Author

Lamatadora, you are wonderful! i can tell. I am sure you have girls in your hood wanting to look or be like you.

LAmatadora 7 years ago

Why thank you Lawretta! Gracias Chica!

lawretta profile image

lawretta 7 years ago from England Author

you 're welcome

Lgali profile image

Lgali 7 years ago

very nice hub thanks

viryabo profile image

viryabo 7 years ago

Very nice hub. Sounds just like what i totally believe in. A woman should always be cool and look good, ALL THE TIME. For herself first, and then for others. And i know looking good is good business. I know, cos i love to dress to impress. From my hair my manicured toenails. Only problem you may ask? My fingernails get in the way of typing and churning out loads of good hubs, but im not complaining as long as adsense is good! LOL.

lawretta profile image

lawretta 7 years ago from England Author

Hi Viryabo, i am glad you totally agree with me and more still i am glad you are a living example of looking good. Keep the beauty flying girl!!!

hi Lgali, thanks for commenting.

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