Living Room Decorations

Living Room Decorations

The living room is one of the main rooms of the house. It is in the living room that we receive visits and spent much of the time. It should therefore be a cool and beautiful, pleasing to the eye, comfortable and cozy.

In the decoration of the living room, small details make the difference and can change drastically the atmosphere of the room. The blanket for the couch, for example, is an accessory that gives color and life to the environment while protecting the furniture that is used, and has infinite forms of use.

Tips for Using the sofa blanket in Living Room Decoration:

  • Being raised from the back of the couch until the pads, so well-aligned
  • Be placed casually on the arm of the sofa
  • To cover the whole couch, across
  • To be placed in one corner of the sofa
  • Only covers the back or pads that are on the sofa.

When choosing blankets for the couch, try to avoid the smooth fabric, as they slip on the couch. Caution with the colors: they should fit your taste, but should be harmonious with the colors already present in the environment.

If your upholstery has neutral colors like beige, gray, white and black, the webs may have a great variation of patterns (such as plaid and animal prints) and multiple colors - sofas in neutral colors blend well with layers of warm colors and strong such as red and orange.

If the upholstery that is in your living room already has pattern or has bright colors, I chose to keep the same color as the furniture, but in tones more gentle, smooth webs of other colors are also an option in this case.

Other decorative items are essential to living room of a house. Carpets, curtains, abajour, lamps and small objects such as picture frames.

The room carpets should be in harmony with the environment size and shape of the furniture, so you must use common sense at the time of your choice - round rugs, for example, are difficult to combine with other objects. The colors should also be in tune with the environment - the hue of the carpet can even combine with details from the sofa, as prints or blanket. In case of doubt as to the tone of the carpet, choose neutral colors like white, beige, gray, they combine easily with other elements present in the enclosure.

The curtains, and rugs to room size should be harmonious with the living room of the house that will be placed. They can have colors in shades like the furniture can be color neutral, if the furniture is colored / stamped or can be highlighted - if the rest of the room is in neutral colors, the curtain of vibrant color will illuminate the environment. The color of the curtains can also combine with the pillows and blanket for the couch, or carpet.

In any case, avoid too much contrast and the presence of many colors in a single environment, try to use the game of neutral colors and vibrant in their favor, beautifying your room and making the charming and cozy.

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