Living Room Furniture Arrangement

Living Room Furniture Arrangement

Many times we change the layout of the living room furniture, in every way possible, and apart from not getting better, also does not give the desired comfort. The proper arrangement of furniture in the living room may at first seem a daunting task, but what it really takes is common sense and learn to look at the division in another way. Read the suggestions that we present here and look at your living room in another way.

Living Room Decoration

  • Think about the location of the door. If there are two doors in the living room, consider moving the traffic pattern behind the seat (and not through it) from one door to another. If you have only one door, you better have easy access directly to the sofas, from which leave enough room around the sides and behind them.

  • The placement of the main part of the furniture of the living room is important. If your sofa is placed outside the wall, leave a minimum of eight feet to three feet of walking space behind it. A slightly smaller space is required between the chairs and sofa.
  • Consider the arrangement of the seating area. If you have a long wall, set up your seating area with the sofa against the wall as the anchor. Traffic flows around it.
  • The balance of a room, or division, is affected both by the placement of furniture, such as the size of each piece of furniture. If all the major parts are to one side of the room, there is an imbalance in the horizontal. If most of the furniture is too low, the room will have a vertical unbalanced.

  • If possible, reconfigure your modular sofa. Break the sofa so that some (or one) of the parts can be used as a large sofa. Put this "new" sofa against the bigger wall. This also helps to create a focal point in the room. Put the rest in the opposite corners of the living room facing the main part.
  • While putting the sofa against the longer wall is the easiest way to create a focal point in the room, it is often one of the most common misconceptions that we find. Most people assume that this configuration will create the illusion of more space and allows them to put more furniture in the room. Others believe it allows easier access to enter and leave the room. Unless the room is very small, it also will not have a comfortable conversation area.

These guidelines will help you to arrange the furniture in your living room in a more appropriate way. Proper arrangement of the furniture of the living room will allow greater comfort and harmony in the entire division.

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