Benefits of Mango Wood Furniture

Mango trees are well known and popular for their sweet fruit, but did you know that they are one of the best furniture materials that is also sustainable?

Other hardwoods take a long time to grow, therefore their price is going to be a bit higher, and are harder to produce due to their scarcity.

Most people have never heard of mango wood furnitures, but soon enough they will. There are many good attributes of this material that makes it easy to work with, and cheap to buy.

Mango with Ice Cream
Mango with Ice Cream

These good points will eventually make them reach or surpass the volume of other hardwood furnitures sold.

A mango wood furniture can have a rather unique finish thanks to the great variety of colors a mango heartwood can have.

It ranges from light brown to dark brown, some pieces even have a hint of pink. With this great variety a mango tree furniture will look unique and a fresh point of any room or kitchen.

It's hard enough to make every day pieces of. Chairs, wardrobes, even beds and kitchen tables are being manufactured.

Even though it's hard enough to make most furnitures, it's still one of the softer variations, working with it is easy and that keeps the costs down.

This wood is sustainable. It means that the tree is planted mainly for its fruit which Asian farmers pick and export or use for the local cuisine. It's only timbered when it stops giving the fruits.

Because the main trunk grows up to 3-5 feet in diameter and 70-80 feet in height in a very short time span. This makes it possibly the most important furniture material of the future.

Bark of the Mango Tree
Bark of the Mango Tree

Unfortunately the tree is prone to diseases, fungi are particularly dangerous.

The better furniture manufacturers make sure they check every tree before they work them into a furniture of any description.

In the western world there is a particular demand for quality hardwood furniture, and while there are other species supplying the industry, such as teak and oak, mango wood is the fastest growing hard wood the industry can use, and it's still easy enough to work with to enable fast and precise processing.

Mango wood furnitures are easy to buy especially in the United Kingdom and they're cheap enough for virtually anyone to furniture their homes with.

While these pieces had been less common, they will certainly gain popularity in the future when other sources of hard wood will be too expensive to buy.

Photos used are taken by yomi955 of flickr and Ale::..

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parrster profile image

parrster 6 years ago from Oz

A truly multi purpose tree. pity I don't like mango. Thanks for the hub

esmein profile image

esmein 6 years ago from London Author

I tried the fruit as well, I'd say I'm going to stay with berries. The wood is still a phenomenon though.

Rob from Mango Wood Home 6 years ago

I love mango fruit, green and yellow. mango wood is extremely versatile and a sustainable resource. Thanks for the hub

Sustainable Furniture 6 years ago

Some excellent mango wood facts here. Nice hub, thanks a lot.

Mango Furniture 6 years ago

The fruit is my favourite too but isn't the wood just awesome? Indeed a tree for all occasions. What a great hub.

mango furniture 6 years ago

Previously mango tree is only plant for fruit. Now it’s used as wood after they stop giving fruit. For this reason farmer gets 2 ways benefits. This increases their interest of planting more & more mango tree. Its also beneficial for environment also.

Karen 6 years ago

I love mango fruit ... it is sweet, heavenly .... simply delicious. And as for the wood ... beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!

Custom Driveway Gates 6 years ago

It would appear that much of today's furniture is built from pressed boards and plastic wood-like veneers. This is due in large part to an economic system that has left households unable to afford to give top dollar for furniture.

shauna 6 years ago

I recantly bought a book shelf made of mango wood and just love it. The color and wood grain are beautiful.

art tibaldo 6 years ago

My Djembe drum is made from a mango wood. sounds good

Anita 5 years ago

I recently purchased a dining table and chairs made of mango wood. It is beautiful! It is also very sturdy. I am very happy about my purchase and am looking for more furniture made of mango wood.

Mango Wood Furniture 5 years ago

Good article here, more people should be aware of the quality of Mango Wood for their furniture needs.

Joan Alaba 5 years ago

I LOVE Manggo fruit its either green or yellow, very delicious....and its very healthy..

Dario Sanchez 5 years ago

I have 1000 mango trees of 12 -15 years old, and i want to convert into usable wood, but the trees were pruned, so the wood will yield short long pieces, usefull mainly for furniture like chairs, small tables, shelves, etc.I want to sell each tree in 29 US dollars

The Living Rooms 5 years ago

Just came across this article. I love mango wood furniture and I especially love that no two pieces are ever the same.

profile image

danny_dang8 5 years ago from Australia

Hi Dario Sanchez,

Do you still have mango trees for sale?

Please contact via email.



Deb 5 years ago

I have two very large, very old mango trees in my suburban yard in Brisbane. They are to be removed so a house can be built. If someone wants to remove them, they're yours for free. Would need a professional tree-remover. If interested please email

tiffany 5 years ago

I just purchased a beautiful mango wood dinner table... can't wait for the holidays.

Willow 5 years ago

I love the fruit and I just purchased a dining room set made from mango wood, I am so excited to hear that it was a good choice.

diesel 5 years ago

just bought a table out of mango, i literally can't dig into it with my nail

Beba 5 years ago

It just makes me sad to have a dead mango tree in my living room,

Elizabeth 4 years ago

I love mango, such a sweet, wonderful taste! And now I have just purchased a beautiful mango wood dining room set.

willi 4 years ago

many years ago people in this country (dominican reppublic)thought i was crazy when i processed a huge mangoe tree into slab wall clocks rustic chairs and tables i am glad for this articlethat i can show people here what they are missing by not taking full advantage of their natural recources they thinkthat only oak and mahogany can be used.i welcomepersonal email

Thomas Tang 4 years ago


If you are looking for the best quality and the best furniture to suit your budget,mangotreesis the place for you.


furnituregeeks 3 years ago

This is a good post and informative too. Keep writing.

Elnare 2 years ago

Greeting from HK :-)Thanks so much for the post. I like 鳳凰女 and 鄧碧雲 so much. They are simply vrltasiee artists. I love the acting of 鳳凰女 in 各位觀眾鳳凰女小姐 . Wondering if I could watch it again! A lot of childhood memories :-)Alle

josé Argueta 18 months ago

I just got a Mango Table, it's beautiful....colors are just great..

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