Mini bar fridge - and many other uses

Mini bar fridge
Mini bar fridge

There are so many uses for a portable fridge, or a compact fridge as it's known in some circles, where do I start to list the ways? Well, here I guess. There are just as many uses for this kitchen appliance wonder as there are for a full-sized American style fridge freezer, that it's not even limited to being used in the kitchen.

A mini fridge can be utilized in almost any room in the house; It fits neatly in the kitchen of course, but it also can be placed in the garage, rec room, on the bar, in the living room, in the den, etc.

Finding the perfect spot for your mini fridge is probably the easiest part of the process. Deciding where to purchase it from is probably a whole different matter altogether.

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There are several things to consider when shopping for a min fridge. The first is your budget. Unfortunately, money plays a role in every home furnishing purchase, and the lowly min fridge is no exception. Decide what you're willing to pay for your mini bar fridge, and the rest will inevitably take care of itself, with a little research that is.

Next, what will you be storing in your mini fridge? Will you be using it exclusively for the storage of beverages and garnishes, mostly associated with a wet bar, or will you need something large enough to store holiday leftovers like a Christmas ham or a Thanksgiving SquaTurducken PorkBeefalo?

Choosing the area of the house you'll be housing the fridge in will go a long way toward deciding how much to spend on fashion and design considerations. If your fridges will be sitting in the basement or garage, then how stylish would they need to be?

My first encounter with the vaunted mini fridge was in college. I wonder where I would have been without a little fridge to help keep some essential perishables nice and cold for future consumption. This little refrigerator made life much easier and much more convenient.

It allowed me the freedom to not have to depend on the dining facility for all my meals, which was nice because the dining hall food At Adrian College in Adrian, Michigan was... let's say not up to par with the dining standards I had grown up with.

I've generally had a mini fridge in my home ever since. I have one now. It holds all my extra juices and whatnot, as well as the kimchi my girlfriend refuses to let me keep in the main refrigerator.

What to look for in a mini fridge

Size is the most important factor, but you don't need me to tell you that. Look for a fridge that'll house all your extra food items comfortably, while still allowing you to close the door when your finished rooting around in it.

Make sure the door shelving is suitable and substantial, as this is the most overlooked area of the mini fridge, and the most important. You'll also want to defrost your fridge every few months or so, to let the ice that inevitably gathers around the freezer compartment melt and run off.

The freezer portion of any mini fridge is the most overrated part, as it never reaches temperatures cold enough to freeze anything, yet there always seems to be icy build-up around the door, which makes it so the door rarely closes properly. If you have the option to fore-go the freezer option, take the fridge without the freezer. You're welcome!

Choosing the right mini fridge for your home is largely a personal journey, but you can find great deals online, and even at your local retail outlet. Happy hunting, or shopping, or whatever the kids are saying these days.

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