Modern Interior Decoration

Modern Interior Decoration

The modern decor is probably the most popular style among young people. The young men and women workers of today do not want to worry about cleaning the little details of more ornate furniture, or a pile of rubbish scattered everywhere. The disorder and chaos are out, straight lines and the organization is in. The modern decor cherishes simplicity.

Modern Lines

The rooms tend to have modern furniture, straight and simple lines, often in dark wood tones or black. Dark colors give a sophisticated and elegant look. Generally there are few decorative items, instead there is a selection of a few pieces placed in prominent positions in the room. People who like the modern style of decoration tend to spend much money in a few unique, special items, instead of spending money on various items of inferior quality. For example, it is preferable to spending a small fortune to buy an elegant vase of Venetian glass, which fills the center of the dining table, rather than spend the same amount in different parts that do not stand out.

The modern decor also tends to use striking colors. Blacks, whites, reds and greens are popular colors in modern interior decoration. These colors create an interesting backdrop for the special items that accessorize the room. In addition, emphasize the clean lines of the furniture. Another popular technique in modern decoration is the painting of large blocks of different colors on the walls, perhaps a pattern of blocks in black and white traveling diagonally from corner to corner in a room. The shelves can be placed over the blocks, so that special items can be displayed on a black or white scenario.

Moreover, modern decor follows the motto that the less you have, the better. Here, you do not find blankets thrown on the couches, chairs and ottomans or garbage bins on the floor, but a small number of large pieces of modern furniture.

The modern interior design is classic and elegant, all tastefully decorated. Young people like this style because they can organize parties, but also can easily keep the area clean. However, if you have children, the modern style of your home can be a minefield of toys scattered on the floor of the room. Moreover, modern decor tends to be less comfortable for the children, who do not feel so comfortable in this style. The best bet is to create a comfortable space, appropriate for children where they can store their things, objects and toys. And leaving your modern refuge intact.

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