Nature Inspired Decor

How to decorate your home this Spring?

Spring brings a fresh feel with the fragrance of flowers and winds, still cold of winter. Decorate your home this spring with inspiration from nature.

This spring, the latest trends in home decoration reflect the stunning beauty of Mother Nature awakens from its slumber. Spring is an exciting time of year, nature inspired decor trends simple but grand.

Listen now to the spring decorating trends for your home
Bring indoors the serenity of the countryside

  • Let the light and the flowers convey the serenity of the air in your home. The creation of an element of peace in the house, can be as simple as adding a bunch of flowers or vegetables. It's amazing what plant life can do to enliven a room. A flower pot in the bathroom, you can make your morning routine more fun and green or a centerpiece on the kitchen table, you can turn dinner into a mini-retreat from the long workday.
  • You can use leaves and flowers, fresh or silk, bringing a touch of classical nature for your home. Bright colors add energy while earth tones convey calm. Play with the options of colors of nature to complement the current color scheme of your home, and combine them to celebrate the harmony of the season.

Make Practical and Beautiful

  • The things we use regularly at home, are often not the most aesthetic things, however, this spring, the practical items are getting a boost of style with new designs and new ideas that make them stand out.
  • A potted plant, for example. You do not have to spend much money to turn a pan into a unique and beautiful vase. Vessels of tissue are undoubtedly one of the trendiest ideas for spring. Choose fabrics that mimic your favorite theme to use these planters inside or outside of your home.

Add a touch of freshness to what you already have

With the tight economy, many people have limited budgets to update their home decor. Taking note of the renewal for spring, a clever idea at affordable prices is to update what you already have at home, in a perspective of reuse.

  • We suggest using polymer clay to add designs inspired in Spring in different glass items, you might have at home. For example, pick up a set of wine glasses and use different shades of green clay to create sheets outside of the glass. Bake the glass with the new design of clay for 30 minutes at 230ºF and you will have an entirely new set of glass to toast the sunset spring. Consider upgrading other items in your house, like old pots and dishes. Virtually anything made of flat glass, is an object with potential to be changed. You can also make arrangements with natural logs and decorating them with products of nature.

Sit on a park bench and watch the sights and sounds of spring, it will inspire you for the new decoration of your home. Unleash your imagination and make in your home decor inspired by nature, follow our tips for decorating and renew you home decoration.

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