A Homeowner’s Guide To Wood Pellet Stoves

When it comes to wood pellet stoves, this is what every homeowner needs to know. 

A pellet stove offers a reliable source of secondary heat and an inexpensive alternative to expensive and unreliable electricity, natural gas and home heating oil.  In addition, pellet stoves are easy to install and maintain.  With the availability of federal energy tax credits, pellet stoves are more affordable than ever. 

So, take a moment to read more about wood pellets stoves. 

You might find that they are a better way to stay warm this winter when the lights go out.

Wood Pellet Stoves Are Reliable

Many homeowners are simply unaware of the fact that pellet stoves are a safe and reliable source of secondary heat. 

The fact is that many rural areas do experience routine power outages and simply do not have access to natural gas.  In addition, during a storm it may be difficult to have home heating oil delivered. 

Wood pellet stoves offer a safe and reliable alternative to these heating methods.

Pellet Stoves Are Energy Efficient And Easy To Install

You will be surprised to learn that wood pellet stoves are energy efficient and easy to use.

Most models have an electronic thermostat that regulates the burning of the wood pellets. The pellets burn cleanly and pollution free and you do not need a chimney. The wood pellet stove simply vents through a small tube in the side of the house. Of course, if you have a chimney, there are pellet stove inserts to convert your chimney to a more efficient pellet stove.

You can add a large number of pellets at once and regulate the burn time by controlling the rate with which the pellets drop into the stove. As such, you only need to add pellets to the stove once per day.

Lastly, many units have built in heat exchangers that further increase output and efficiency. But, the most important advantage of a pellet stove is the cost.

Wood Pellets Are Safe And Easy To Use
Wood Pellets Are Safe And Easy To Use

See How A Pellet Stove Works

Pellet Stoves Are Inexpensive

Pellet stoves offer a cheaper alternative to other forms of home heating.

Many full sized units are available for $1,200 to $1,500 installed. With the addition of the 30% federal energy tax credit, pellet stoves are within the reach of even the most conservative household budget.

These stoves are easy to clean as well. You can buy a cleaning kit for a few dollars that makes the process of cleaning and maintaining the stove much easier and convenient.

With the recent increase in the price of home heating oil as well as electricity, wood pellet stoves offer an economical alternative in terms of fuel cost as well.

Do Not Overlook Pellet Stoves As A Source Of Home Heating

Now, do you see what I mean about wood pellet stoves? 

Most people simply so not realize that pellet stoves are a safe and effective alternative to other forms of home heating.  In fact, pellet stoves offer a reliable and efficient alternative to expensive and often unreliable traditional home heating methods. 

They are energy efficient and convenient to install and maintain.  Lastly, they are cheap to install and fuel. 

So, if you are looking for a smart alternative to electricity, natural gas or home heating oil, then now is the time to consider installing a wood pellet stove instead.

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howtoebookguy profile image

howtoebookguy 7 years ago from US

Great Hub! Lots of good stuff about pellet stoves on here. Amazingly, a lot of people do not even know what these things are. Great job getting the word out.

B.C. BOUTIQUE 7 years ago

I , too, effiecently heat my home with a corn / recycled wood pellet stove. Just remember, when the lights go out, and your electric is off in the dead of winter due to a power outage, you will want to invest in a generator. A small one will do the trick, these stoves use little electricity, so you do not need a lage generator or a whole home generator. ( and corn is more cost efficient and better for our envirnment than recycled wood pellets, but the pellets do come in a good second if you do not have access to corn )

sleeperno1 profile image

sleeperno1 7 years ago from Carson City, Nevada Author

Another consideration could be a deep cycle battery or two and an inverter to run the fan and/or feeder auger when you lose power.

TnFlash profile image

TnFlash 7 years ago from Tampa, Florida

Great Post! I didn't know these things existed. Good Information.

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