It’s too easy to underestimate the amount of work that goes into a move. That’s why, whenever possible, it’s best to start planning months in advance. You want to have plenty of time to land the right local moving company for your needs. Further, it takes time to pack well. Your stuff is important to you and we suggest taking at least six weeks to plan out and pack your things. This helps cut down on the number of unknowns and surprises that can arise, which might otherwise increase your stress level and tension. 

We put together the following list of items to help our North Carolina movers avoid stress and enjoy the process.

  • If you have no time to plan (or no desire to) but getting your stuff to your new location safely is a priority, then hire professional movers. They will take care of all your items and use their experience, along with every tool and trick they’ve learned, to pack your belongings and deliver it with exceptional care.
  • The first step is to eliminate anything that won’t be going to the new location. Whether it is trash or just ready for donation, be sure to remove all appliances, books, and furniture etc. and recycle them by taking them to nonprofit groups such as Goodwill or Salvation Army. This process will help start you on the right foot with more room to work with and no clutter. North Carolina movers have lots of options for recycling items through donation and recycling centers to help you clear them out.
  • If you can plan ahead then you will have time to sell items on e-bay or craigslist. This can help raise money if needed for the move and remove the extra items that you have little or no use for anymore.
  • Take inventory of all your items. With your inventory list you can create a labeling system and it will also help you to take a second look at what is going and what isn’t. Some might take a second inventory, a few weeks after the first, to help them cut down even more

  • Don’t over pack boxes. Too much weight in one box can be dangerous and far too easy to underestimate. Try to pack the same kind of size and weighted items into the same boxes.
  • Get label happy. Label every box with the name of the room it was located in, the contents and/or category. If there are multiple members moving, then include the owner’s name. Labels can correlate with inventory sheets so that the process of unpacking is all ready for you when you are. A few suggested labeling terms to use are “Heavy”, “Open immediately”, and “Fragile”.
  • Masking tape is useful for labeling; it’s also great for securing large glass items by drawing an “X” with the tape across the mirror or glass. However, you may not want to use masking tape to tape boxes up. Masking tape rips easily and isn’t made to hold the weight of items together. Get the widest, strongest tape you can find for this process and be sure to tape the bottom and the top.
  • Try not to allow any empty space in boxes whenever possible. You might want to fill up the space with newspaper or with soft personal items like clothing and towels.

Now if only all movers were like this...

  • Some items require special attention. For example:
  • You should have a special place in your car reserved for personal items such as birth certificates, important papers, medications, keys, phone chargers and such.
  • Items that need extra cushioning like glassware, figurines, collectables, etc. should be placed on top of all other items and no space should be left in the box. You can use other cardboard boxes as partitioning to help protect as well.
  • Computers and other hardware electronics. Check to see if you have any of the original boxes for these items as this is the best possible way to transport them; but if not, be sure to choose proper cushioning to prevent damage from impact or accidental dropping.
  • Heavy, awkward, large, or important items that are of high value to you can be properly boxed up by our professional movers. All movers should have access to crates and special packing supplies when needed.

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