My plastic bottle greenhouse

Plastic Bottle Greenhouse and other ways to recycle pop bottles...

How I've built my greenhouse from plastic bottles, recycled wood and old fence posts. How it is doing, both structurally and horticulturally, what's growing in it, changing on it or falling off it.

Plus links to other ways of using Plastic bottles.

I've reorganised so that the updates are listed as most recent first, so its easy to catch up.

How I built my Greenhouse.

or how to ignore instructions and get away with it!

First off I bought the "plastic fantastic" booklet from Earthship Fyfe (see link below).

I then set about collecting the parts together, namely :

Fenceposts, reasonably thick wire, and of course empty 2 litre plastic bottles.

For this I turned to Freegle, and after 6 months I had a garage full of bin liners of plastic bottles, some fence posts, and I bought some garden wire from ebay and Wilkos.

Whilst I was still collecting bottles I started to process what I had, which involved taking the labels off the bottles, cutting off the bottoms and stacking them together.

I stacked most them in 3's initially as they then fitted back into the bin liners nicely, but some went on bamboo canes in my garden to see how they would fare over the winter.

The actual construction started once the really cold weather stopped and I was happy to be working outside.

Firstly I sorted out what fence posts I had and from that drew up a rough plan of the shape of the greenhouse. Deciding on a sloping roof as then I'd only need one gutter.

Next was putting the frame together using the odd lengths of fence posts that I had salvaged,,,

Then I started stretching the supporting wires around the wooden frame. This was done in layers wrapping the wires around each post to give pairs of wires between which the bottles can be slotted (see photo's)

After that it was just a case of slotting in the stacks of bottles (tops downwards so that any water would drain out the bottom of the bottles) digging the bottom of each stack slightly into the soil, and using this to give a bit of leeway in the height of the stacks, and having an uncut bottle at the top of each stack.

Finally adding wire ties to tighten the supporting wires around the stacks at random intervals.

The last section to go on was the roof, then finally I made a frame for the door and hung and stacked that.

I can't have done too bad a job, as its still standing nearly 4 years later!

Building the Greenhouse

Click thumbnail to view full-size
The wooden frameAdding the wires. 3 layers about 18 inches apart, with one wire looping around each post to give a slot to feed the bottles through.the first stacks of bottles slotted in.Stacking the bottles in place.looks cool!
The wooden frame
The wooden frame
Adding the wires. 3 layers about 18 inches apart, with one wire looping around each post to give a slot to feed the bottles through.
Adding the wires. 3 layers about 18 inches apart, with one wire looping around each post to give a slot to feed the bottles through.
the first stacks of bottles slotted in.
the first stacks of bottles slotted in.
Stacking the bottles in place.
Stacking the bottles in place.
looks cool!
looks cool!

November 2014

Its been a while, but what with the swap from Squidoo to Hubpages its taken me a while to get round to working out how hubpages works..
It was a good summer, not too hot, not to dry and the allotment did OK - apart from my squashes and courgettes which were my worst ever..
The greenhouse is still doing its job, and the tomatoes did well. No blight this year so It wasn't till mid October that I cleared out the tomatoes and made some chutney. I still have tomatoes in my garden, which I must pick before the first frost!

I do have some maintenance to do as the door is falling off, but apart from that It should see out the winter OK and be ready for the tomatoes next year.

may tomatoes
may tomatoes

May 2014

grow grow grow

May was a wet and warm month so the greenhouse tomatoes have been doing well. Unfortunately outside has been a utopia for slugs and snails and most of the seedlings I've planted - all of the courgettes and squashes - have been eaten. The sweetcorn is doing well though. Meanwhile the roof plastic has started to rip slightly on the edges so I'm patching it up with weatherproof tape - It hasn't done badly though as its got through 2 winters intact.

April 2014
April 2014

April 2014

Tomatoes away!

The tomatoes I have been growing at home are now into growbags in the greenhouse - last year I planted directly in the soil, so this year its back to peat free growbags. I've also got melons planted in the front (failed hotbox) section, and cucumbers and tomatoes is the unroofed side extension. The weathers been great the last few weeks, as my solar generation at home has shown - up on last year every month so far this year. Now I just need everything to grow!

February 2014


Here we are in 2014, the winter is raging outside as I type with slushy rain battering the windows, but the plastic bottle greenhouse goes on!

It is showing its age now, but only in the woodwork. I built it out of reclaimed bits and bobs and a lot of plastic bottles nearly 5 years ago now. certainly in Feb 2009 I was spending my evenings cutting bottles up ready to be slotted into place once I'd built the frame. The door is nearly off its hinges, at least one of the fence posts used for the door frame has sunk by about 6 inches, so the frame isn't quite together anymore, and the door itself is coming apart and doesn't fit properly. The wiring on the roof is very corroded and probably need replacing before it snaps, but its nothing I can't sort out in a morning if only the wind and rain would ease off for a day or two.

So to anyone reading this for the first time, and those of you that have been following me here are a few things that people said to me when I was building it that certainly haven't been true....

"The bottles will only last 18 months at most" - we'll, and I'm not sure that this is really a good thing, all the original bottles are still there 5 years on, and I haven't noticed any brittling or anything else to stop them being there a few years more. Certainly there are a few more bottles now, the stacks have 'relaxed' a bit over time, but I've just added more to the top to fill any gaps.

"what a waste of time, It wont last you know" See above! and that's with my dodgy woodwork / DIY skills holding it all together.

"The bottles will give off toxins and poison you" Well maybe they are, but me and my family are still here and as far as we know fit and healthy.

And a few things that definitely are true.....

The greenhouse was cheap. I collected bottles from friends and relatives, from freecycle and bins. It certainly took time, cleaning and cutting the bottles, driving around to collect them from peoples sheds and garages, hunting for fence posts and planking to re-use. Money however was not vastly spent - I bought the wire, some screws and nails, and I've since bought 2 lots of plastic sheeting for the roof.

It works! Sure it doesn't get Really hot in there, but it also doesn't get as cold as outside. Yes wind does go between the bottles, but so what, ventilation is important!

It Works! I have grown tomatoes in it every summer, carrots and lettuce have been overwintered to give early crops the next year, early strawberries have been grown in the racking. It has done its job, and will continue to do so! (if it ever stops raining....)

September 2013

the summers on the way out...

Well.... I haven't spent much time at the allotment this year - too much disc golf! But nevertheless everything is doing fine. The greenhouse has the largest tomatoes I've grown in there, despite not using growbags, and hardly watering them, except in the height of the summer and then only every couple of days, although they are only just starting to ripen up. Once they've ripened up I will try sticking some lettuce in there again.

The greenhouse itself is starting to show some wear - not the bottles themselves, but my handiwork!.... the door is coming off its hinges, and generally falling apart - I will have to patch it up in the next couple of weeks.

strawberry shelves
strawberry shelves

July 2013

its been a while but....

I've still been using the greenhouse, I just haven't got around to writing about it.

The early lettuce was a bit late in coming this year - It was unusually cold at the start of the year although it has now become unusually hot!

I got a good lot of lettuce and broad beans out of the greenhouse, plus a fair few strawberries off the shelving - although its got so hot in there the last few weeks that the top shelf have all died.

I've made the mistake of not putting the tomatoes into grow bags again, and this has resulted in a much slower growth in the greenhouse than usual. The roof plastic is holding up well, although the door is falling off - my bodging finally giving up, so I need to rebuild the door at some point. but overall, its still there - its just I'm there less often.mail

jan 2013 Broad Beans
jan 2013 Broad Beans

January 2013

Were into another year and the greenhouse is nearly 4!

Since stripping out the tomatoes in September I really haven't done much at the greenhouse. This years lettuce hasn't worked - probably because the plastic roof has survived this year, and I haven't been down to water the inside much. The first signs of growth are happening though, with the broad beans I planted in November on one side starting to come up.

Once the snow retreats I will start some early lettuce off. Plus I need to start off my tomatoes at home for later in the year.

side extension
side extension

September 2012

The poor weather has continued, but the tomatoes are continuing to do well. No blight this year, so the greenhouse is still packed full of ripening tomatoes, as I'm waiting for as long as possible before clearing them out and planting the winter lettuce.

I've finally added the side extension walls, so both sides are now walled with bottles - except for where the water butts in the way, its roofed with netting, and open fronted. I planted some cabbage and cauliflowers and Kale in there today, so they should come on quicker come the spring.

toms august 2012
toms august 2012

August 2012

Despite my neglect of the allotment and greenhouse this month, the tomatoes are starting to ripen by the end of August. Everything else on the allotment is just weeds, but the greenhouse continues to impress me, as I have only watered the tomatoes once or twice a week, and they are doing fine. My normal winter crops of lettuce are being sown in pots at home, but I don't hold out much hope of them making it to the greenhouse as my last few batches of lettuce seedlings haven't amounted to anything other than slug food.

July 2012

wet, wet, wet.

Its been a pretty miserable year since the end of May, the wettest June and July in the UK for donkeys years. Things just aren't growing well, the light levels are down, the rainfall is way up. The greenhouse is still standing however, and has Tomato plants in it. No tomatoes yet, but the ones I have indoors at home are only just getting there. The picture was taken yesterday when me and Peter(4) went down to the allotment in the sun to see what we could pick, only to find ourselves sheltering in the greenhouse from the downpour that suddenly appeared. Peter found a carrot in a growbag though, so he was happy...


June 2012

Were not at the end of June yet, but I think I can safely say its been a wet and dull one. Lots of slugs and snails mean that the allotment is not being very productive this year. Apart from the copious Rhubarb, not much is surviving the gastropod onslaught. The Greenhouse however is still up and running, with the tomatoes finally looking like they might start flowering, inside at least, the tomatoes on the outside extension are decidedly sorry looking. The front 'cloche' has melon seedlings in, which have survived so far, but I'm not holding much hope for them producing any Melons!

Photos from June 2012

Click thumbnail to view full-size
The added 'cloche' at one end. Last year it was an unsucessful hot bed, now its got melons in (if the slugs haven't eaten them yet!)Inside temperaturehe greening roof.
The added 'cloche' at one end. Last year it was an unsucessful hot bed, now its got melons in (if the slugs haven't eaten them yet!)
The added 'cloche' at one end. Last year it was an unsucessful hot bed, now its got melons in (if the slugs haven't eaten them yet!)
Inside temperature
Inside temperature
he greening roof.
he greening roof.

May 2011

A funny month weather wise, sun and wind with a bit of rain that completely failed to get the soil wet.

The greenhouse isn't doing so well, the tomatoes are looking weedy and I'm wondering why I didn't use growbags as i have before. But never mind I have lots of tomatoes in my garden. I will try putting something else in at the extra space in front of the weedy tomatoes, and hope that the cucumbers take better....

the toms are in!
the toms are in!

April into May 2012

Not a lot doing at the greenhouse through April - the wettest in the UK on record. May isn't looking much better, as whilst it isn't as wet as April, the temperatures about 4 degree C lower than average, and the light levels are lower than usual.

The greenhouse has now been emptied of lettuce, so I've transplanted the remaining uneaten ones to outside - there were a good dozen lettuces in there hiding under the miners lettuce, which had gone a bit crazy. The growbags have gone in (it was direct in the soil last year, so back to growbags this year) with the tomatoes. The outside extensions at the front and side have been tidied ready for melons and cucumbers - a new experiment for this year, assuming the cucumber seedlings start growing.

The good thing about the weather is there haven't been any frosts for weeks, so no rushing around covering up potatoes etc.We just need a bit more sun now.

Now that the Tom's are in I need to add a plastic sheet to the roof to stop them getting too wet, but I'll leave that till I'm back from half term holidays.

Maintenance wise the roof is looking in need of a clean, its getting a bit greeny brown up there, but I'll wait till a nice sunny day before tackling that.

March 2012

an unseasonally warm month

March was a gorgeous month weather wise, so I've got lots done at the Allotment and the greenhouse is in fine form. The lettuce that has been skulking in there since October has really set to growing in the unseasonally warm temperatures and is providing lots of supermarket free salads. The temperatures in the greenhouse have been, on sunny days, 10 degrees C warmer than outside, and at worst 3 degrees warmer. So all is well. Structurally everything is fine, I've rejiggled a few of the bottle stacks where the bottles have sunk into each other a bit over the winter, but nothing major. The 'coldframe' at the front of the greenhouse that I started last spring now has a netting lid on it, I still haven't got round to making a bottle lid. The side extension has half walls, and once the purple sprouting broccoli has finished I will add netting walls and roof.

Aprils not looking so good so far, but I'm getting ready to add the tomatoes to the greenhouse.

February 2012

I made a start on the extension, side windbreak thingy today. Not entirely sure what I'm going to do there, but its looking like I'll probably have half height bottle walls, and net roof and the top of the sides. The cloche at the front end is also in danger of being finished soon. It will probably change as I go along. The lettuce is starting to spring to life again, and the inside temperature is about 5 degrees C higher than outside.

greenhouse glinting in the January sun
greenhouse glinting in the January sun

January 2012

The fourth year of the plastic bottle greenhouse!

Its 3 years this April since I built the greenhouse, and despite huge scepticism from other allotment holders, and my none to skilled building of the framework, its very much still there. The gorgeous weather today meant that I pottered down to the allotment for the first time this year. The greenhouse looked fantastic, lit up by the January sunshine. Despite being in a fairly windy location it has stood up to the weather really well. I had to rejiggle the bottles in the door today, as a couple had blown out, but only because the door latch had broken and the door has been flapping in the wind, and will probably need to add a few bit and pieces of bottle all round, as the stacked bottles do slowly sink into each other and leave a slight gap at the top, but it hasn't blown away, and the bottles haven't degraded noticeably (someone told me they would only last 12 months outside).

Overall I am still really chuffed with it, and if the weather keeps up I will be adding the 'cloche' to the front and redoing the side extension windbreak over the next few weeks. I can't wait to start planting for this year, and do need to get some tomato and pepper seeds started off at home.

The lettuces are doing ok in there again, and it shouldn't be long before they spring back to life and we get to give the garden lettuces a rest. Temperstures continue to be about 4 degrees C higher inside than out (even though the door was open!)


late august tomatoes
late august tomatoes

August 2011

Well August is almost gone, and the weather is more like mid-September, but despite that the allotment generally, and the Greenhouse particularly are doing ok. The Tomatoes are curling over as they've hit the roof, and starting to ripen up - normally by this time they'd have blight and I'd be making green tomato chutney. Structurally its all still great. I still haven't got round to the side extension - maybe in the Autumn proper.

UPDATE 3rd September

Well we're just into September now, and I've realised I forgot to report on the temperatures.

The Greenhouse appears to be consistently about 3-5 degrees centigrade warmer than outside, depending on the wind (it's a higher difference the more windy it is)

The Tomatoes are slowly ripening up, and its easily the best year for tomatoes in the greenhouse, despite the poor start. Helped enormously by the fact that I've had no blight. Where I would normally have had to pick a lot of green tomatoes when the blight struck, this year they can ripen up themselves, and are the largest tomatoes I have grown in there. The downside being I can't get my winter lettuce in until the tomatoes are out!

October/November 2011

its been a while since I updated...

Well... not a lot going on now.

What I have done since Septembers post is clear out the tomato plants and plant out a load of lettuce and chinese cabbage to overwinter in the greenhouse and supply me with early salads next year. Although if the weather stays as mild as it has been I may well be picking them during the winter.

I may get round to the extension sometime... but whilst the weather is good my new obsession of disc golf is eating into my allotment time.

september 2011

September has almost gone, but it's finishing with a heatwave. It was 27C in the greenhouse today, and 23C outside it. The tomatoes are ripening up nicely, easily the best year in the greenhouse, despite my early misgivings. As I haven't been nipping off sideshoots or any of those things you are meant to do with tomatoes its a bit crowded in there, and they are even growing out of the side and roof, between the bottles. The plastic sheeting has astarted to rip off, as it always does, but It has done its summer job of keeping the greenhouse from getting too damp inside.

Once the weather dies down to the seasonal norms I will take out the toms, and get the winter lettuce seedlings that are growing at home in. Its just such nice weather this week.

new thermometer outside and in.
new thermometer outside and in.

June 2011

The weather has continued to be very changeable, with not enough rain to get the ground wet, and not enough sun for the plants to really take off.

In the greenhouse the tomatoes have continued to do badly, I really must use growbags again next year! but they are picking up a bit.

I now have a thermometer inside the greenhouse, and another outside, so I can compare the temperature.

On the 7th July - when I put the thermometers out, it was 17C outside, and 21.5C in the greenhouse, mainly I think due to the wind protection, as it was very windy outside. I will take note every time i go down, and hopefully work out what sort of difference the greenhouse makes.

UPDATE: I've been monitoring the temperature for a couple of weeks now and can say that the greenhouse temperature is generally 3-5 degrees C higher than outside in the sun.

April 2011

Well its been a gloriously sunny month, now we just need some rain...

Everything is busy growing on the allotment, and at home where i have a lot of seedlings waiting to go to the allotment.

The greenhouse is still standing up to the recent wind. I have now added plastic to the roof,as I did last year to prevent it getting too humid in there (if it ever rains...), and the tomatoes are in, although all of my cucumber seedlings have been eaten, and the overwintered lettuces are slowly being picked. There are also 2 wooden boxes of potatoes in there as well (in the aisle) which i will soon be eating.

All is well, and my allotment neighbour of the last year asked is she could see inside, so people are still curious...

I haven't got round to the extension yet, but hope to over the summer.

End of March 2011

All is still ok. I tried making one end a hotbed on the outside, but it hasn't worked. Things are growing in the hotbed, its just not hot. Did a few bottle replacements due to sinkage, and will do a side extension when I get round to it. Ticking along nicely - with lots of lettuce.... can't wait to get my cucumbers and tomatoes in there, but I will resist for now.

February 2011 Update

Well its survived another winter. Although its very windy today the walls are just moving about a bit, not falling down. I do need to do a bit of bottle replacing, as the columns have sunk a bit, so no longer quite reach the frame at the top, so I will redo the top layer of bottles when I remember. The lettuce I put in in the autumn is doing ok, and will get me some early salads once the spring arrives.

set for winter
set for winter

September October update

Well, Its still still there. The plastic sheeting on the roof has shredded and gone, but that doesn't matter for the winter as I want the rain to get in to water the lettuces. The tomatoes are all cleared out - and boy did those roots go a long way, straight through the bottom of the growbags and well into the soil beneath. Winter lettuce seedlings are planted, so the greenhouse is set for another winter.

Update June to August 2010


Lots of growing going on generally, and in the greenhouse there are tomatoes - I'm trying to keep on top of them a bit more this year, and have planted less so they don't get too crowded - cucumbers, peppers and aubergines, plus carrots in growbags and boxes. The new roof cover is still on, and the water butt has filled up enough for me to discover the tap doesn't work, but at least the roof and gutter are filling it up.

July and August....

Picking loads and not buying any fruit or veg at all as the allotment is providing crops of lettuce, raspberries, blackberries, courgettes, squashes, leaf beet, french beans, potatoes, onions, beetroot and chives.

Plus the greenhouse is now producing a healthy crop of tomatoes, and a few carrots.

Its still holding itself up, with the only glitch being the plastic sheet added to the roof which is starting to shred in the wind.

Progress March 2010

Stuff growing apace, with the couch grass springing up everywhere. All ok still. Carrots and potatoes coming along nicely in the greenhouse, as well as lots of seedlings and the lettuce that's been sitting there all winter. Its a nice warm spot to work in out of the wind and was soooo worth building last year. Structurally its all ok, with the roof no longer collecting water in the bottles. Once I put this years permanent crops in there (tomatoes, aubergines and cucumbers, I am going to put a plastic sheet over the roof so that the water doesn't pour in when it rains, as last year it was too humid in there, but for now its keeping the seedlings watered.

Progress Feb 2010

Well we're pretty much a year on from building the greenhouse and its still standing, and being used. The bottles are standing up well to the winter wind , rain and the couple of inches of snow we had in January. So I'm looking forward to filling it up and making the most of it over the spring and summer.

Progress 01 Oct 09

Well the greenhouse and i are still on the allotment. The roof is completely redone, the winter veg are in and all appears to be ok....

Progress 13/09/09

its still there...

A couple of repairs have been made, the roof bottles reversed to stop the water collecting in them, and odd bits of frame and the door that were falling apart due to my bad carpentry repaired. Stuff is still growing in there though, several cucumbers on the go, a load of lettuce and cabbage seedlings that I will plant in there for the winter, and a couple of peppers and an aubergine. Meanwhile I've been on probation at the allotment due to it "not being a playground" and have had to remove the slide and do all the tidying up I've been meaning to do for months. Its looking good though despite the site secretary declaring the greenhouse to be an eyesore.... I've just got to wait another week to see if they throw me off!

Progress Report 10/07/09

what's happening to and in the greenhouse.

Well, its filling up with tomato plants basically, they have reached the ceiling and don't look to be stopping.

Structurally my DIY skills are being shown up, as the doors falling apart, and the roof is still filling up with water - I am going to pierce the bottles to let the water out, but need to use a hot nail or equivalent to do it as I can't puncture them with a knife, but I keep forgetting to take the stuff with me to do it.

Temperature wise its doing nicely, it was nice and warm in there at 5.30 this morning, and too warm by about 11am.

See the pics below.

Progress Report 22nd May 2009

what's up and what's coming down...

Well its still there, which is a good start.

My Tomatoes and Cucumbers are doing well, as you can see in the new pictures. The Aubergines have succumbed to slugs however. I'm busily trying to sort out the rest of the allotment and get a playhouse built so the greenhouse is being left to its own devices.The major niggle at the moment is the roof, as my idea of putting the bottles neck down is great in the walls, but is causing big puddles to form in the roof bottles. Therefore at some point I will have to take the roof out - probably one row at a time, and reverse the bottles. Hopefully this will sort out the problem as water will drip out between the bottles where at the moment its collecting in the necks.

Hows it doing?

what's going on in the greenhouse now its up...

Well its been up a few weeks now, and has tomatoes, aubergines and cucumber plants in growbags in it, plus a lot of seeds in pots, and they are looking good so far (it hasn't been that cold yet though)

The instant impression is how much warmer it is in there than outside, its in quite a windy spot so just getting rid of the wind makes a big difference, plus the fact that its self watering... by which I mean that the guttering is pointless as all of the rain drips through the roof - and waters the plants, so its not a problem, but it is not a good place to shelter....

Wind wise its holding up well, the walls and roof shift about and squeak a bit in the wind but so far nothing has blown out.

Overall I'm impressed, and a coldframe might well be the next step as I still have a lot of bottles in my garage.

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stuartqwh 7 years ago

What an excellent idea.

Thank you.

anonymous 7 years ago

Hi our ecoschool has been trying to build a bottle green house for some time know. we had a polytunnel which was destroyed by vandalism. the area has been re-secured and we want to build a bottle green house in its place. the only problem is the size of green house, it needs to be two to three times the size of the one in the pictures shown this is length it wouldn't need to be much or any wider. also we may have to place it on already existing concrete or tarmac. could the design shown be able to solve these problems? or could you advice us on how we could build such a structure? if successful it is planed that community as well as school courses could be run here, as well as wildflowers and vegetables grown. thanks, hamilton grammar ecoschool.

anonymous 7 years ago

What a wonderful idea but wouldn't it be a good idea to fill the bottles with water to retain heat? I know it would mean figuring out a different way of securing them together, though.

anonymous 7 years ago

help protect the environment & your health! stop using plastic bottles!

Plastic is not a biodegradable material , it takes more then 400 years for a single soft drink bottle to decompose.

Furthermore, Plastic soft drink bottles contain BPA which is hazardous to our health.

more info here:

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GonnaFly 7 years ago from Australia

Well done. I had seen this idea on the internet before but it's great to see a real working one and to hear how it's going. Keep up with the updates.

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Hi really impressed with your efforts! Keep up the good work :)

Planning a build myself and was asked about the possible health threats of plastic bottles slowly 'breaking down' and giving off poison in the heat of the sun. Been trawling the internet for info and drawn a bit of a blank! (will keep looking though). So I wonder if you could help at all? Did you research this at all?

Wish I had found you sooner, it is great to see a real work in progress, really looking forward to the next instalment. Thank you x J

Andrew Douse profile image

Andrew Douse 7 years ago Author

I didn't Jan, but I have come across various rants on forums which led me to have a look and people seem to either think its really bad, or completely harmless. I can't find any official scientific info, but I've been eating veg out of there for 6 months, and I'm not dead yet....

Andrew Douse profile image

Andrew Douse 7 years ago Author

Or you could not drink fizzy drinks at all....... as they really mess up your tooth enamel, softening it for 40 minutes after each drink (eating anything sugary has the same effect) So if you're going to drink fizzy stuff, stick to mealtimes only and it will be longer before you've got a mouth full of plastic teeth. Strangely we hardly drink fizzy in my house at all. All except about 10 of the 800 bottles for the greenhouse came from other people.

Ecomum 6 years ago

I also like the idea, always wanted greenhouse myself.

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Blessed by a SquidAngel :)

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nice!like your squidoo - from the lay out, products....

welcome our squidoo& and our

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Excellent! You are my kind of guy!

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Interesting site. We used to use plastic water bottles as mini cloches when I lived in a desert. They kept the moisture in and protected the plant

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Excellent lens. I am lensrolling it to my living green innovations page. Congratulations on a job well done.

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You really did a good job. You are a very creative person.

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That's pretty cool, looks like a good project for the kids.

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OMG this is amazing. I will also give a try. Thanks for sharing.

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Such an original idea. really good lens.

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I love this! I'm adding it to my lens on what to do with old soda cans.

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This is amazing. Now I won't feel bad about having some cold drinks because I don't want to throw the bottles away.

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What a great idea - I love it! What a great project.

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Fantastic green project.

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Scarlettohairy 5 years ago from Desert Southwest, U.S.A.

Well, I think you're a green genius! You could sell detailed plans for this fabulous creation! Do it! Love it!

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Panela 5 years ago

wow, really amazing your greenhouse, congratulations!


Andrew Douse profile image

Andrew Douse 5 years ago Author

@Scarlettohairy: If only I were a serious plans kind of a guy, rather than the make it up as you go along kind..... I have on occasion thought about more detailed plans, but I think half the fun is seeing what works with what you've scavenged...

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herculeafitness1 5 years ago

This is amazing. Wow. What an accomplishment.

michaeljshaw 5 years ago

Hey Andru,

love that you made a structure from recycled plastic bottles- and really aesthetically pleasing as well! I wouldn't rule out submitting your greenhouse to design and/or art competitions- I think it would be much appreciated.

amazeidiot40 5 years ago

Its good to read this lense.Thanks for sharing it.


smithlights profile image

smithlights 5 years ago

Whoa! Such a cool idea!

CreativeButterf1 profile image

CreativeButterf1 5 years ago

This is just absolutely amazing and creative. I love your lens so much! I added it to my

CreativeButterf1 profile image

CreativeButterf1 5 years ago

This is just absolutely amazing and creative. I love your lens so much! I added it to my Living Frugal lens. You can find it just above the comments in "Other Green Links". I hope you continue the green house. I wonder what other creative things you will come up with~

(Sorry about the last comment. I'm not sure why it cut off)

sheedale 5 years ago

Brilliant! :))))))

dahlia369 profile image

dahlia369 5 years ago

Wonderful project and lens. Blessed! :)

aka-rms profile image

aka-rms 5 years ago from USA

Congratulations on being selected LotD! You can read all about it here:

lollyj lm profile image

lollyj lm 5 years ago from Washington KS

OH, what an interesting, helpful lens!! Congrats on LOTD. You deserve that and much more.

ohcaroline 5 years ago

Fantastic idea and well presented. Best wishes in your gardening and congratulations on LOTD.

galant profile image

galant 5 years ago

Thanks for sharing. Will be back!

SheilaVine LM profile image

SheilaVine LM 5 years ago


GrowWear 5 years ago

SUCH a good idea. Congratulations for LOTD!

mariaamoroso profile image

mariaamoroso 5 years ago from Sweden

This is so funny and smart! Deserve LOTD

kimmanleyort 5 years ago

Very cool. I applaud you and thank you for sharing. Congrats on LOTD too.

Wednesday-Elf profile image

Wednesday-Elf 5 years ago from Savannah, Georgia

What a great idea using recycled bottles for a greenhouse. Good luck with all your growing, and congratulations on LotD.

giacombs-ramirez profile image

giacombs-ramirez 5 years ago from Montana

Congrats on LoTD!

Diana Wenzel profile image

Diana Wenzel 5 years ago from Colorado

Congrats on LotD! I applaud this recycling and gardening initiative. Very nicely done!

Faye Rutledge profile image

Faye Rutledge 5 years ago from Concord VA

This is amazing! I've really enjoyed reading about your greenhouse. And, I like the Grow Bags. I've never seen those before. Congratulations on a well deserved Lens of the Day!

JackieBlock profile image

JackieBlock 5 years ago from SE Michigan

What a wonderful idea. Thanks for sharing your experiences. Congrats on LOTD, well deserved!

ShariBerry profile image

ShariBerry 5 years ago from Michigan

I can tell you are very dedicated to this project and growing vegetables. I love your focus. Great job.

katiecolette profile image

katiecolette 5 years ago

What a great idea! Looks like your hard work is paying off with a rich crop :)

QuiltFinger profile image

QuiltFinger 5 years ago from Tennessee

Great use of soda bottles!! I bet the dead space inside the bottles makes a superb insulating barrier. Phenomenal project!

squid-janices7 profile image

squid-janices7 5 years ago

What a fantastic way to reuse plastic bottles. Love the monthly photos showing your progress. Congrats on the well-deserved LOTD award!!

dahlia369 profile image

dahlia369 5 years ago

I knew this was an outstanding topic for a lens when I first came across your lens. Congratulations for being selected for LOTD! :)

hysongdesigns profile image

hysongdesigns 5 years ago

I have never seen this idea before; very ingenious!

tyler70 profile image

tyler70 5 years ago

Amazing lens! Very cool and a great idea! I love all the pictures!

LasgalenArts 5 years ago

Although my neighbors may have a fit, I think I'm going to try this. We don't consume any beverages that use those bottles but I have enough friends who may collect them before recycle. Thanks for the ideas and links!

anonymous 5 years ago

Awesome project and great lens, congratulations on a well deserved LOTD!

Douglas_Brent 5 years ago

Really nice project I like it.

SunnyDaze LM profile image

SunnyDaze LM 5 years ago

Congrats on LOTD. Great job with utilizing all the resources around you.

manchester lm profile image

manchester lm 5 years ago

Very clever!! Though I can't see such an innovation fitting on my tiny balcony so unfortunately, cannot replicate!

ILoveLegosToo profile image

ILoveLegosToo 5 years ago from Naperville, IL

What a great idea for used 2 liter bottles. Congrats on LOTD.

anonymous 5 years ago

Cool Idea! Helping The Envronment In More Ways Than One, You Should Go On Dragons Den.

browndog21 5 years ago

What a fabulous greenhouse! I am going to try building one in the early spring next year. I have used plastic bottles to protect seedlings from frost, but never considered that I could build a whole greenhouse.

Heather426 profile image

Heather426 5 years ago from Wexford, Ireland

Awesome! Congrats on LOTD!

Ann Hinds profile image

Ann Hinds 5 years ago from So Cal

What a very clever idea. I may try a cold frame as a smaller project. No wonder this is LOTD. Congrats!

M Schaut profile image

M Schaut 5 years ago from Detroit

This is very clever, and everyone like the idea of re-use. I'm wondering, tho, if it isn't just as good to use clear plastic sheeting over your frame. This has got me thinking... Very nice lens, btw, well done and interesting!

Natalie W Schorr profile image

Natalie W Schorr 5 years ago

Totally wonderful!

anonymous 5 years ago

Very interesting lens and a super clever idea :)

profile image

dfishbac 5 years ago

What a great idea. I've always wanted a green house. Might just have to start saving the bottles. Congrats on your LOTD!

profile image

dfishbac 5 years ago

What a great idea. I've always wanted a green house. Might just have to start saving the bottles. Congrats on your LOTD!

HealthfulMD profile image

HealthfulMD 5 years ago from Northern California

My dad built his own green house many years ago, but not out of plastic bottles. Excellent chronology of your work.

solocampion 5 years ago

All I have to say is FANTASTIC JOB!!!

kathys55 profile image

kathys55 5 years ago

Awesome! That is way Cool! Congrats on your LOTD!

makingamark profile image

makingamark 5 years ago from London

Fabulous! Blessed by an Angel plus I'm now off to send a link to this lens to a friend who will no doubt be very taken with it!

BunnyFabulous profile image

BunnyFabulous 5 years ago from Central Florida

Never would have thought of this idea, but it looks great! Excellent lens and fabulous idea to recycle and grow your own food at the same time.

heehaw lm profile image

heehaw lm 5 years ago

great idea on the building greenhouse using recycle bottles.

AngelDey profile image

AngelDey 5 years ago

Wonderful idea! I've seen a glass bottle house before here in Nevada, but the bottles were mainly used for decoration. This is reusing something for a useful purpose. Great job.

jlshernandez profile image

jlshernandez 5 years ago

Whata creative idea to repurpose discarded plastic bottles. A great DIY lens indeed. Blessed by a SquidAngel.

CherylsArt profile image

CherylsArt 5 years ago from West Virginia

What an interesting idea for a DIY green house.

Gnarhoff profile image

Gnarhoff 5 years ago from Milwaukee

Very nice. Congrats on LOTD!

JennySui 5 years ago

It is really a great idea for a DIY green house. You worked hard on this lens and it really deserve the title LOTD.

sudokunut profile image

sudokunut 5 years ago from Reno, Nevada

This is a fantastic idea and an awesome lens. Congrats on a well deserved LOTD.

elyria profile image

elyria 5 years ago

Awesome idea, congrats for lotd!

anonymous 5 years ago

This is a GREAT lens with all kinds of superb information. WOW!

Bercton1 profile image

Bercton1 5 years ago

Brilliant work and well document lens. Thanks for sharing and congratulations on LOTD!

BatmanSuperman profile image

BatmanSuperman 5 years ago

very nice and green :)

Linda Pogue profile image

Linda Pogue 5 years ago from Missouri

Excellent! Congrats on LotD! I am sharing this with my son, who wants very much to build a greenhouse. Thanks!

ajilcliaen 5 years ago

Wow...super admirable! Great LotD! Really well documented :)

petermurray profile image

petermurray 5 years ago from Izmir, Turkey


delia-delia profile image

delia-delia 5 years ago

Congratulations on a very cool LOTD!

anonymous 5 years ago

Terrific idea! I'd love to try this myself, and I might just do it! Great LOTD!

KimGiancaterino profile image

KimGiancaterino 5 years ago

Wow ... is this awesome or what? I'm hoping to do a similar wall with colored glass bottles, patterned after one I recently discovered in the Los Angeles hills. Congratulations on LOTD.

anonymous 5 years ago

Amazing, inspiring, way cool, and what else can I say! Very deserving of LotD. Bookmarked for future use. Thank you!

SofiaMann 5 years ago

Fantastici. Super creative. Congratulations.

norma-holt profile image

norma-holt 5 years ago

Congrats on LOTD and what a great project. Such an innovative and inspiring recycling with fantastic benefits. Well done. Featured now on Squidoo LOTD Lenses.

geeky247 profile image

geeky247 5 years ago from Colorado

That is a fantastic project, and an excellent lens! I'm just amazed that you built the greenhouse from plastic bottles, and that it has stayed up for so long. I'm tempted to build one myself, but my hubby isn't big on the "eyesore" factor. ;-)

profile image

mumsgather 5 years ago

Amazing. How you use creativity to go green!

writerkath profile image

writerkath 5 years ago

This is just fascinating and wonderful! WOW! Contratulations on LOTD! You are amazingly creative - AND patient! This is almost a piece of artwork! Very, very cool...

:) Kath

VSP profile image

VSP 5 years ago

Great lens, scheduled it for posting on two of my facebook pages and twitter.

knit1tat2 profile image

knit1tat2 5 years ago

Hm, I've seen houses built from beer bottles laid like bricks, and mortered in place, and cordwood buildings and homes, but you have a first for me here! Great idea, and just might have to try something similar! Oh yes, also a building built from pop cans, the guy filled them with sand first to keep them from collapsing. Swore how warm the building was! Congrats on LOD! You deserve it!

sara0129 profile image

sara0129 5 years ago from Texas

Congratulations on LOTD. You deserve it. Good luck.

Retro Loco profile image

Retro Loco 5 years ago from USA

Congratulations on making an awesome lens and LOTD!! Your plastic bottle greenhouse looks amazing, and it's an ingenious way to reuse those empty soda bottles. Thank you for sharing! Thumbs up and bookmarked.

cdevries profile image

cdevries 5 years ago

What a fascinating project! I'll be back to study your greenhouse in greater detail.

kweni16 profile image

kweni16 5 years ago from London

congrats for making LOTD! i like the idea too bad i don't have the space to make this :(

Reginald Reid profile image

Reginald Reid 5 years ago

Nice creation!!!! Cultivation at it's best.

julescorriere profile image

julescorriere 5 years ago from Jonesborough TN

I love your artistry and your mind for recycling!!! Fabulous work! VERY CREATIVE!

JanetJenson 5 years ago

That is SO neat. This is the best article I have seen yet on Squidoo, and I'm telling everyone I know about it!

klopcic profile image

klopcic 5 years ago

Good idea to make something like that! Congrats from me!

stylishimo1 profile image

stylishimo1 5 years ago

This is brilliant, well done you, I love your re-cycled bottle greenhouse!! Last year I made a flight cage for my birds out of 12 old canvas paintings, 2 pairs of tights and a plastic re-cycling bag, I am very proud of my cage and people are always shocked when they learn how I made it.

I am going to email the link to your lens to my whole family as they love this sort of creativity.

MamaKris profile image

MamaKris 5 years ago from Long Beach, CA

Congrats on LOTD! This is such a great idea and a wonderful way to recycle bottles and keep them out of the landfill. I'm looking forward to seeing how your garden grown next year.

MomwithAHook LM profile image

MomwithAHook LM 5 years ago from California

I first heard about building with plastic bottles from a peace corp volunteer blog. They used them to build a school - they filled the bottles with dirt and plastic trash and then used wire to secure them into walls. You green house turned out fabulous and gives me a bit of an idea for an outdoor playhouse for my son - a homeschool assignment non-the-less.

Rajkumarsingh 5 years ago

Congrets for lens of day.. :)

Vivek Bhan profile image

Vivek Bhan 5 years ago

wow what a idea. If everyone starts contributing such sustainable ideas, no matter how small, our planet would be better place to live. The rate which we are consuming this planet is 1.5 earth. So at this rate we are doomed pretty soon. Unless we follow andru and start such practices. KUDOS to you Andru...

NoobWriter LM profile image

NoobWriter LM 5 years ago

Great lens...

tw006e6375 5 years ago

A completely novel idea using plasric bottles for a green house there are few people that would have thought of it. Im very glade that it has worked so well. Tom

postingbits profile image

postingbits 5 years ago

Your lens looks great, have you looked at the Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales? They have a good website with a few downlands. When we move we will do something similar to this, perfect way to get rid of rubbish out of landfills.

I_love_Portraits 5 years ago

What a great idea and brilliant way to recycle your old bottles.

anonymous 5 years ago

This lens is fantastic! liked it! Thanks for being one of the few saviors of this Mother Earth. Two thumbs up!

VarietyWriter2 profile image

VarietyWriter2 5 years ago

This is awesome!

Stazjia profile image

Stazjia 5 years ago from Warminster, Wiltshire, UK

What a brilliant idea.

alternative-help profile image

alternative-help 5 years ago

Congratulations on LotD - an amazing concept.

Srena44 profile image

Srena44 5 years ago

Congratulations, great lens

anonymous 5 years ago

Hi andru,

Nice lense. A great way to re-purpose plastic! Like it a lot. :)


wdhart777 5 years ago

Love this idea, glad to see some people are actually taking action to keep the earth green and save energy as well. I will bookmark this lens and be back soon!

house plans

RinchenChodron 5 years ago

Great youtubes on this project. Well done. Congrats on LOTD

Luminosity LM profile image

Luminosity LM 5 years ago

I was thinking of building a sailing vessel with plastic pop bottles.

This is very cool, good job, it's a way to reuse, repurpose and refun.

happynutritionist 5 years ago

I am fascinated, never heard of using plastic bottles this way. So creative and nice to be taken through your experiences. Glad this got a LOTD, it deserved it!

thebutler 5 years ago

Was wondering how the project held up over the years. Interesting stuff but I'm wondering how it would stand up to snow.

shivnagsudhakar 5 years ago

good lens

shivnagsudhakar 5 years ago

good lens

debsgreatfinds 5 years ago

Wow what a great ideal thanks for sharing :)

dotsonr 5 years ago

I many not be able to scrounge up enough plastic bottles to duplicate this, but what an awesome idea!

NidhiRajat 5 years ago

congrats a ton for lens of the day!!!

Alfira54 5 years ago

Great idea, I am impressed with your effort

quickcutterss profile image

quickcutterss 5 years ago from Midwest

I love the idea of using these plastic bottles to make this green house how awesome is that. I have used plastic soda bottles and those clear plastic contaners that food comes in like a salad or what not. I would plant in these and just start plants in the house. This will be my first time.

I will be back to read the rest of the links you have on here.

Thanks for a great lens.

RawBill1 profile image

RawBill1 5 years ago from Gold Coast, Australia

What an amazing concept. It certainly is better to reuse than recycle and what better way than to reuse for growing food. If I lived in a cold climate and had access to lots of bottles, I might just give this project a go myself. Well done and congrats on LOTD!

sweetstickyrainbo profile image

sweetstickyrainbo 5 years ago

sounds like a good way to propagate cuttings as well!

Rankography profile image

Rankography 5 years ago

nice lens. interesting topic.

JJNW profile image

JJNW 5 years ago from USA

How incredible! I am so impressed! I really want to make one. I have always wanted a greenhouse -- and this is the greenest greenhouse ever. Fantastic and truly worthy of LOTD!

Franksterk profile image

Franksterk 5 years ago from California

Wow. Great job on the greenhouse and the lens. Well deserving of the LOTD. Congrats. Bear hugs, Frankster

Teddi14 LM profile image

Teddi14 LM 5 years ago

Very cool lens. Congrats!!!

BusyQueen profile image

BusyQueen 5 years ago

wow, I read every word, keep it up, you may invent something to sell!

anonymous 5 years ago

Amazing idea and design! Thank you for sharing this, I'm bookmarking it for reference.

Mary Crowther profile image

Mary Crowther 5 years ago from Havre de Grace

Great way to recycle. Nice lens!

Coffee-Break profile image

Coffee-Break 5 years ago from Ottawa, Ontario Canada

Great idea Andru. Great lens, with all of the updates where you prove the concept.

LadyCharlie profile image

LadyCharlie 5 years ago

Great of my first thoughts was that condensation in the bottles would help keep your garden watered...nice job! Thanks for sharing!

TheGourmetCoffe profile image

TheGourmetCoffe 5 years ago

What a cool lens! Our family has been talking about building our own greenhouse and your lens is a definite motivator to do so. Where there's a will, there is a way. Not sure what material we will use but you certainly prove that all is possible. Thank you for sharing.

hessa johnson profile image

hessa johnson 5 years ago

This is a wonderful idea and a great lens.

Lynne-Modranski profile image

Lynne-Modranski 5 years ago from Ohio

Excellent idea!

Sequoia Technol profile image

Sequoia Technol 5 years ago

Wow amazing greenhouse! Can't wait to read about how the plastic bottle coldframe trials go!

jbauer0318 profile image

jbauer0318 5 years ago

This is such a cool idea. I love the creative things people come up with.

Anthony Altorenna profile image

Anthony Altorenna 5 years ago from Connecticut

This is a great idea, and a creative way to recycle plastic bottles into a useful structure. How many bottles did you need to make your greenhouse?

SpaceyGracey LM profile image

SpaceyGracey LM 5 years ago

That is sooooo cool - I love it. We have loads of plastic kids drink bottles - I'll have to think of a way of getting creative with them. Great lens.

Joan Haines profile image

Joan Haines 5 years ago

Incredible. What an ingenious use for plastic bottles.

Craftybegonia 5 years ago

Amazing! I love it. Great use for something that usually winds up in landfills. Thanks for sharing and for illustrating your progress!

fanmail 5 years ago

Nice I felt I was watching an episode of HGTV only better!

Benjamin_Vaughn 5 years ago

Thanks Andru, I'll be testing this out in Costa Rica.

Andrew Douse profile image

Andrew Douse 5 years ago Author

@Benjamin_Vaughn: Let me know how you get on!

hsschulte profile image

hsschulte 5 years ago

Revisiting to bless again.

GonnaFly profile image

GonnaFly 5 years ago from Australia

Just returning to add a little angel blessing and let you know that this lens has been added to my Upcycling Ideas lens.

Countryluthier profile image

Countryluthier 5 years ago

Nicely done squid planter and builder. I hope to use some of your information in Mississippi in a few years.

adamfrench profile image

adamfrench 5 years ago

Impressive lens, thumbs up

Toolesque LM profile image

Toolesque LM 5 years ago

WOW! This is way rad! Lots of work. I LOVE it!

profile image

Spikey64 5 years ago

What a brilliant way to recycle old plastic bottles thanks for the tips.

homerepellent 5 years ago

It has been said that in order for you to believe that something is possible, you only need to see one other person do it, such as Roger Bannister who run the mile in under 4 minutes. I've seen you built your greenhouse with plastic bottles and I believe that I will be able to do so. Thank you for the inspiration.



Alloit com profile image

Alloit com 5 years ago

Hi, I am new to squidoo and would really appreciate if you check out [and liked] my first lense! Thanks!

ecogranny profile image

ecogranny 5 years ago from San Francisco

What a wonderful idea! Thank you so much for sharing the chronological history and updates. I'd love to see another lens on how you constructed the greenhouse, stepXstep. Angel blessed.

trees001 profile image

trees001 5 years ago

This is so awesome! Sharing it all around - this is too cool to hog to myself! Great job!

seosmm 5 years ago

Very nice lens!

profile image

sherioz 5 years ago

This is terrific!

hysongdesigns profile image

hysongdesigns 5 years ago

A greenhouse made from plastic bottles, what a cool idea! thanks for such detailed info.

jeremykim2011 5 years ago

This is brilliant!

anonymous 5 years ago

very cool. I don't know how you find the time to have so many lenses and do projects like this.

victoriuh profile image

victoriuh 5 years ago

Very cool!

TheArtLibrarian profile image

TheArtLibrarian 4 years ago

Wow, what a cool idea! This place looks just like my p-patch.

SimplyTonjia 4 years ago

Terrific idea and a great lens. Thank you.

profile image

StaCslns 4 years ago

I would have never thought of this! Very clever!

MBurgess profile image

MBurgess 4 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada

Great Lens! If I ever get a yard to work with I am going to do this. Thanks for sharing it!

KellydeBorda profile image

KellydeBorda 4 years ago

What a wonderful way to go green AND show off your green thumb! Green-liked for St. Paddy's Day!

Teenysdaddy1981 profile image

Teenysdaddy1981 4 years ago

I think I'm gonna try to build one of these. Thank you for the idea.

athensfever 4 years ago

Very interesting... great work!

flinnie lm profile image

flinnie lm 4 years ago from Alabama USA

Hi I love this,I so wont to build my own greenhouse.What a cool site.I live in the deep south we are almost able to garden year round.Some of my annuals flower and leaf veggie over wintered.Great lens.

flycatcherrr profile image

flycatcherrr 4 years ago

This is so cool - brilliant reuse of old plastic bottles!

anonymous 4 years ago

Interested in this, but, does anybody know how well it holds up in high altitude sun (I'm at 1.5-miles elevation), temps fluctuating between 30-40 degrees F below zero & 90 degrees F above zero, & fairly frequent wind above 50mph???

jholland profile image

jholland 4 years ago

southerncoloradogal, your weather sounds like ours. We are ONLY 4,500 feet above sea level, but still pretty harsh weather. I have not tried this idea yet, but I can tell you about similar plastics in our sheds. We do have to replace some things faster due to our harsh climate - but we have some plastics that have held up outdoors for years. My guess is that if your frame is sturdy and well-made, the greenhouse will be fine. Even if you eventually have to replace the plastic bottles it should last a while.

futurefocus57 profile image

futurefocus57 4 years ago

Good the the world.

anonymous 4 years ago

I just wanted to say thank you for posting this, and thank you for keeping it updated! It is really useful to know how it has been faring. I found it all very inspiring.

BuddyBink profile image

BuddyBink 4 years ago

I always knew there was a use for those 2 liter bottles. Well done.

earthybirthymum profile image

earthybirthymum 4 years ago from Ontario, Canada

I want to build a little green house for myself. What a great idea! A good way to use old water bottles. Many Blessings



earthybirthymum profile image

earthybirthymum 4 years ago from Ontario, Canada

I want to build a little green house for myself. What a great idea! A good way to use old water bottles. Many Blessings



anonymous 4 years ago

Very cool idea!! you get my vote!

tvyps profile image

tvyps 4 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

This is a cool idea and you could make these to make sure they don't look like something from Hillbilly land, ha! Squid Angel blessed!

danielmccarthy lm profile image

danielmccarthy lm 4 years ago

Yeah excellent idea, I go through loads of bottles as well! so many good ideas on squidoo.

lesliesinclair profile image

lesliesinclair 4 years ago

Fascinating how a plague of the planet can be turned into a lifegiving feature. Thanks for building this lens.

pcgamehardware profile image

pcgamehardware 4 years ago

Very creative way to recycle plastic bottles and grow you some greens at the same time... :)

winney 4 years ago

Wow that's is simply amazing. I'm super impressed that it held up over the years. for sure, I will be putting it in my summer project plans :) Thank you for sharing this idea and all the extra details too!

Sher Ritchie profile image

Sher Ritchie 4 years ago

Amazing! I love this idea, and your greenhouse looks fantastic! Happy World Environment Day!

RoadMonkey profile image

RoadMonkey 4 years ago

Well, I have never heard of using plastic bottles to create a greenhouse before. That's a really innovative idea for using up those bottles and they can STILL be recycled at the end if necessary.

winter aconite profile image

winter aconite 4 years ago

I love it! Starting saving up bottles!!!

profile image

SteveKaye 4 years ago

Fantastic use for plastic bottles. Thank you for publishing this lens. I hope a lot of people build a greenhouse out of plastic bottles.

ItayaLightbourne profile image

ItayaLightbourne 4 years ago from Topeka, KS

Wow! This is amazing! Thank you for documenting this for us all. Blessings! :)

peggygallyot profile image

peggygallyot 4 years ago

That is a great way for using up empty plastic bottles. Great lens.

anonymous 4 years ago

Thank you for new idea to create waste product is best way in our life.

Frischy profile image

Frischy 4 years ago from Kentucky, USA

Great interesting idea! I plan to share this with my permaculture groups.

Craftypicks profile image

Craftypicks 4 years ago from Las Vegas

This is a great idea

Steph Tietjen profile image

Steph Tietjen 4 years ago from Albuquerque, New Mexico

I am very intrigued with this project. An interesting read.

anonymous 4 years ago

Well done Andy, this is a great idea!

Hexadecimal LM profile image

Hexadecimal LM 4 years ago

brilliant! I am a bit of an unconventional gardner as well, although I use the plastic bottles cut in half & inverted on themselves as plant holders...this is cool though, if only I had a yard instead of just a balconey!

choosehappy profile image

choosehappy 4 years ago from US

Wow. incredible. Thanks for sharing the adventure!

jmatts1 4 years ago

Wow, impressive. That's a a great use for all of those empty plastic bottles. If you get a chance give my new lens on bottle-less water coolers a look:

AcornOakForest profile image

AcornOakForest 4 years ago from Western Wisconsin

There's a group of kids in my area that are collecting bottles to do this too. Very cool! Thanks for sharing your experience.

loopylooh profile image

loopylooh 4 years ago

Great way of recycling

jc stone profile image

jc stone 3 years ago

This is a great idea. nice lens!

Margot_C 3 years ago

Love how you give a timeline of your progress. Very informative and very fascinating. And good for you for giving such an emphasis to recycling.

rattie lm profile image

rattie lm 3 years ago

What a fine example of environmental hope! So detailed and informative. Thanks so much.

burntchestnut 3 years ago

I love recycling and your greenhouse is great. It helped that you gave progress reports on how things were growing. I'm impressed the greenhouse has lasted 4 years - that tells you bad plastic is for the environment. I'll be reading through all the extra links you provided. Great lens!

seodress profile image

seodress 3 years ago

Incredible idea !!!!

anonymous 3 years ago

I hope you manage to keep the diary up. I have followed and enjoyed it very much for several years. I have had a Plastic Bottle Greenhouse for about 2 years and hope to extend it later this year. It has survived well in spite of being at the north of Scotland and in an exposed location.

anonymous 3 years ago

I hope you manage to keep the diary up. I have followed and enjoyed it very much for several years. I have had a Plastic Bottle Greenhouse for about 2 years and hope to extend it later this year. It has survived well in spite of being at the north of Scotland and in an exposed location.

paulahite profile image

paulahite 2 years ago from Virginia

So cool! Your lens is featured to day on "The Green Thumb: A Place For Gardeners To Gather" Facebook page. Please like/share our page with your friends!

TanjaWanderlust 2 years ago

Awesome man! I have once used a bottle as a mini-greenhouse. It works!

TerriCarr profile image

TerriCarr 2 years ago

Hey, how about make-shift shelters too. Solve the housing problem and help the environment at the same time.

ClaytonDaily profile image

ClaytonDaily 2 years ago

I like your lens, it reads like a journal and very creative use of plastic bottles.

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GEMNITYA5 2 years ago

Nice plastic bottle green house

(Also shared on Facebook :)



Perspycacious profile image

Perspycacious 12 months ago from Today's America and The World Beyond

Any kind of greenhouse and cold frame is a worthy investment, especially if you are an adventurous "hobby gardener." This should encourage a lot of discussion on creating the homemade variety and sharing the insights. Great, and exhaustive Hub. Congratulations.

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