Polyester Swimming Pools

Polyester Swimming Pools

The polyester swimming pools are an option increasingly sought by those who want to install a pool at home. Practice, custom and secure, the polyester swimming pools feature a price-quality relationship that quickly translates into a long term investment. Worth to see its advantages.

What are Polyester Swimming Pools?

As the name implies, a pool is built in polyester-based, a synthetic material that belongs to the category of thermosetting plastics, or liquids that are malleable at low temperatures, becoming hard and tough when subjected at high temperatures. This manipulation allows a polyester swimming pool to be molded in various shapes and sizes.

There are two types of polyester swimming pools: the "monoblock" (composed exclusively of one piece) and "modular" (consisting of two or more blocks that are assembled on the site of the installation of the pool). The pools are usually embedded in polyester over a base of gravel or concrete prepared beforehand and apply either to an above ground or inground pool. Featuring an excellent quality-price relation, the polyester swimming pools have many advantages, especially when compared with other types of pools like concrete, vinyl swimming pools and fiberglass swimming pools.

Key features of the Polyester Swimming Pools

  • Simple and fast installation (a few days).
  • Each pool is manufactured in a controlled environment, according to the standards of hygiene, safety and quality in place.
  • Provides a smooth and glossy finish that makes cleaning the pool easy.
  • Stairs and the seats are incorporated in the swimming pool, but there is the option to install them separately.
  • The bottom of the pool, stairs and areas of entering/exit are fall proof.
  • The protective layer of polyester in a pool makes it resistant to chemicals, while it requires the use of less chemicals in its maintenance. This is also reflected in maintenance costs.
  • Maintenance practice, requires little time per week (about 30 minutes).
  • The pool pump needs to work only 4-6 hours per day, which reduces energy costs.
  • The algae can not penetrate the walls of the pool, are easily removed with an appropriate brush.

  • Highly resistant - is guaranteed between 15 and 20 years.
  • Allows the manufacture of large pools.
  • Allows the manufacture of swimming pools with different formats, original, specific.
  • Waterproof guaranteed.
  • Does not require major improvements/works over the years.
  • When polyester can be added other materials that bring extra benefits to the pool: fiberglass (makes the pool even more resistant) polyester ISO NPG (allows heat the pool water up to a maximum temperature of 28 ° C), vinylester (this resin reduces the risk of shrinkage polyester, increases its chemical resistance, prolongs the life of the pool and allows heat the pool water up to a maximum temperature of 30 ° C) ceramic composite of vinylester (combines the best properties described above, which increases the strength and longevity of the pool in polyester in all aspects).
  • Goodies that can be added to the pools in polyester makes the final product more expensive.
  • The costs can be considered low, given the high quality of the polyester swimming pool.

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