Prefabricated Swimming Pools

Prefabricated Swimming Pools

Putting a pool in the backyard is not a decision that is taken lightly: it is necessary to define types, sizes and extra equipment without exceeding the available budget. At such times, it is common to question arises: is a prefabricated swimming pool a good solution to my garden?

In this article we will discuss some of the matters involving prefabricated swimming pools, so you can decide if it is a good option for you, every case is different so you need to evaluate several issues before making a decision.

Although a prefabricated swimming pool is much cheaper then a traditional swimming pool so this factor is much more attractive. 

What is a prefabricated swimming pool?

As the name implies, is a prefabricated swimming pool that is bought already built, with the size and format that is intended for the garden. Upon delivery, the prefabricated pool, which comes as one whole piece, can be immediately installed in the garden and can be either an inground swimming pool as a above ground pool. By opting for a prefabricated pool also has the opportunity to choose between a fiberglass pool, an outdoor swimming pool and a polyester vinyl, each of which presents its own advantages and disadvantages.

Prefabricated Swimming Pools Pros and Cons

Like any other model, also a prefabricated pool are pros and cons:

  • The power to choose the type of pool, ie shape, size and finish required, in accordance with your garden and/or budget.
  • The catalog of prefabricated pools may vary from vendor to vendor, but may be considered by some people as being restrictive.
  • With respect to a prefabricated swimming pool, some finishes are better and more lasting than others.

  • An above ground prefabricated pool has a simple, quick and easy installation - some even can be installed by the owner.
  • A inground prefabricated pool, only requires the work of excavation and earthworks to be installed. The process is also fast.
  • Its finish is smooth and flat, which makes cleaning the pool easy.
  • Most of the prefabricated swimming pools do not have seams or joints, which reduces the risk of water leakage and the appearance of algae.
  • Prefabricated swimming pools can last up to 10 years, time from which you may need to make works of improvement.
  • The most frequent problems that a prefabricated swimming pool features are: discoloration of the structure of the pool (based on the time, chemical use and maintenance); appearance of bubbles in the prefabricated pool structure (the result of excess chlorine in the water or defects in molding the structure of the pool); torn material (especially if a pool is prefabricated canvas or vinyl).
  • An above ground prefabricated pool may have to be disassembled during the winter and reassembled in summer
  • An above ground prefabricated pool has the advantage that it can be transported if you move house, for example.
  • Basically, opt for a prefabricated swimming pool to your garden is to make a good choice in economic terms - Prefabricated swimming pools are cheaper than the traditional pools, concrete, aluminum, steel, lined with plaster and tiles, for example .

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