pressto! Tofu Press

pressto! Tofu Press - Less Water. More Flavor.

Many vegetarians, vegans, and healthy eaters prefer to substitute tofu for meat. Tofu is an excellent source of protein that contains nowhere near the amount of fat of red meats, poultry, and pork. While tofu is a healthy alternative, many people either find it too cumbersome and time-consuming to prepare their own tofu. In turn, they either do not eat tofu as often as they like, or they end up spending more money for already prepared tofu. Luckily, the brains over at have come up with an excellent solution and kitchen tool for quick and easy tofu preparation called the pressto! tofu press.

When tofu is bought unprepared, it comes in a packaged containg the tofu and a bed of water. Because the tofu comes in water, it becomes water logged. In order for tofu to truly absorb flavors and marinades the water must be pressed out. The pressto! tofu press is a small countertop device ergonomically designed to press out the water from the tofu and saves preparation time by automaticall cubing the tofu block as it is pressed.

pressto! Tofu Press Features.

Size and Storage.  With dimensions of 3" H x 6" W x 9.75" D the pressto! tofu press is a compact appliace that will not take up your valuable contertop space.  The pressto! locks shut for easy and convenient storage, taking up the least amount of cupboard space necessary.

Environmentally Friendly.  Constructed partially of bamboo the pressto! makes use of sustainable materials without consuming extra plastic non-bidegradable materials.  The rest of the pressto! is constructed of white plastic which is certified BPA free.

Easily Washable.  Each of the internal pieces are constructed out of BPA free plastic and are easily removable.  Each removable piece is machine washable, allowing you to spend more time pressing, and less time washing.

Durable and Stable.  Because it is constructed out of plastic and bamboo, you can expect the pressto! tofu press to be durable and sturdy product that will last for quite some time.  The pressto! is also outfitted with rubber feet to insure maximum stability with no slippage.

Where to Buy a pressto! Tofu Press

The pressto! tofu press is such a new product that it is not yet available in stores. Currently, the only place to get one is at during the pre-sale phase. The pressto! tofu press is currently $29.99 which is $5 off of the $35 MSRP.

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KWASI KWATENG 6 years ago

I have bought pressto tufu press from you but have not received it till now may I know what is happening. I paid with a VISA CARD may I hear from you today please. Hopping to hear from you soon. Yours Kwateng.

GarfieldGates profile image

GarfieldGates 6 years ago from Small Studio in a Small Town.. Author

Kwasi - you will have to ask the people at what is happening with your order. I simply wrote this article, I do not directly sell the Pressto tofu press.

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