The Pros and Cons of Small Bathroom Vanities

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Small Bathroom Vanities

There are really more Advantages than there are Disadvantages of Single Sink Bathroom Vanities that you choose to install in your bathroom. The newer home decorating ideas are getting away from large bulky vanities, and are beginning to use the smaller space saving decorating ideas for Small Bathroom Vanities. They make your bathroom look much larger than it really is, and you have extra space to put everything out of site.

A cluttered bathroom, not only is depressing, but it does not make everyone feel comfortable. Small Bathroom Vanities are manufactured in many different styles, such as modern, rustic, and many, many others. So you should have no trouble finding just the right one for your bathroom. They are more than just a normal vanity. People today require more space saving idea's; and the bathroom is no exception.

Important Buying Factors

There are some questions you should consider before you rush out and purchase your new Small Bathroom Vanity. One is can you get the vanity between the toilet and the wall? Will you have enough room to turn the vanity after you do get it into the bathroom. Try to consider any other issues you may have getting the new Small Bathroom Vanity into the bathroom.

You want the bathroom to give a feeling of coziness, and comfort rather than cluttered and depressing. So your new Small Bathroom Vanity will need to set off the other colors in your bathroom. You want  one that complements the trim as well as matching the other bathroom colors. 

Stone and Granite Tops

The vanity tops themselves can be a complementary color, much different than the color of the vanity. It does not matter whether or not you order your new Small Bathroom Vanity online, or if you travel to your local home improvement store. Although, researching the internet, will allow you to chose from a much larger selection of Small Bathroom Vanities than you would have at only a couple of home improvement stores in your community. You will need to take measurements of your old vanity, then where ever you want to install a new one, take measurements for the space that is available. Give these measurements to the employee's so that they can better help you with your order.

Another disadvantage of installing a Small Bathroom Vanity is that if you have chosen to have extra on the counter shelves, you will have to make sure to remove any items that may be in the way. If there is a built in light already installed on the wall, it will either have to be moved or disconnected, and another light placed somewhere else.

Vanity Delivery

Getting your Small Bathroom Vanity through all the doors is something that should be taken into consideration; and all doors usually have different measurements. Then the task of getting it through the bathroom door will most likely be your biggest challenge. Most bathrooms are situated in a small hall, where there may not be much room to turn the vanity, in just the right manner to get it into the doorway. This is an issue that should be thought of in the very beginning when you decide that you want to purchase a Small Bathroom Vanity.

Manufacturer's do make pre-made Small Bathroom Vanities starting as small as 24 inches, however, all bathrooms are not alike, and many installation procedures would be to order a vanity using your own measurements. You may need to have the Small Bathroom Vanity brought to you in sections, to make it easier to get into the house, through the other doors, and into the bathroom.

Please take these thoughts into consideration before taking the chance of damaging your new Small Bathroom Vanity.

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