Recycling Old Furniture

Recycling Old Furniture

I've seen everything... Bicycle tires bent and twisted to serve as the basis of a beautiful table, an old chest open and lined out to become a beautiful chair, old pairs of glasses turned into a beautiful lamp. These inventions inspired in pieces of scrap to give have a new life. Not all of us have time, knowledge and inspiration to create a couch from an old bathtub but there are many ideas that are easy to accomplish and can help you get rid of some old stuff while creating pieces of furniture and decor.

From Drawers to Shelves

If you have a dresser, bedside table or old desk, why not use the drawers in a unique and functional way. Simply remove the drawers, give them a good sandpaper work and maybe a layer or two of paint or varnish. Find the place on your wall and hang them. Some come with small pulley systems drawers and gutters hooked. Do not forget to remove these elements. You can also remove the bottom drawer so that the wall is shown. Repeat this process with two or three drawers and you will stay with a great mobile for books.

Old Doors

Due to its size, shape and material, the old doors are great for turning. My preferred option is to turn an old door into a table. Simply choose the size and shape of the legs and then you remove all metal parts of the door (handles, hinges, etc.) make the holes for attaching the legs to the door. Now just the finishing touches with a good coat of paint or varnish.

New use for Screens

If you have a screen at home with a pretty look but has no use for it, why not turn it into a beautiful mural for the head of your bed?

Simply put the screen to the head of the bed to secure it into place. If it does not become completely flat, use a nail or two to secure the site. If you're inspired, apply a small amount of tissue around the screen to give it a completely new and different look.

This technique can also be used with ornate doors. Just avoid doors with glass windows because they can become dangerous.

Shelving books are also very good on the headboard and provide space for books, clocks, lamps or anything else you want.

Old Beds

On the other hand, if you have an old iron and rusty bed, why not give it a second life in your garden? Bury the feet of the bed in the land and plant some vines around the bed. In some time you will have a decorative element in your garden that will make the envy of all your neighbors.

Before buying new, always consider what can reuse in your home. What is old and scrap, can become a new and innovative way of fun, creative and recycled.

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